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Love it

This blog is inspired by the article that Vikki posted, titled "I don't think this applies to me..." I do not mean to offend anyone, please don't think this is directed at anyone in particular. This is MY opinion and my spin on something i have thought about many times. I encourage and hope to find LOTS of posts...i want your opinions!  

While my initial reaction is the same as the general reaction this morning, when you think about it...what the article that Vikki posted is encouraging is CONSIDERATION.  Be considerate of your husband and your family.

I’ve begun to think that the whole world is hyper-sensitive and almost LOOKING for a reason to be offended.  I’m not innocent, i’ve sometimes taken a comment or situation and turned it into something it didn’t have to be...but when i do, i ask myself why.  Why did i choose to take on the role of victim rather than hero?  Did i want the perceived offender to feel badly for some reason?  Did i need some attention?  

After all the years of struggling for our independence, equality, and did it happen that we women succeeded in acquiring those three things and, in the process lost our ability/willingness to be considerate without feeling repressed?  Isn’t it enough that we women can do nearly anything men can do and feel equally as successful doing it?  Can’t we be independent, equal and relevant AND greet hubby at the door with a smile, be happy to see him, and have dinner ready when hubby comes home?  Can’t we turn down his side of the bed, “prepare the children” before he gets home and make the evening his, AND be proud that we do it?

Equality isn’t simply measured in two people’s ability or freedom to do one particular’s also measured in two people’s ability to work collaboratively, recognizing that both have very important roles in achieving overall success.  Whether it’s on the job, raising a family, maintaining a household, playing a game, being in a relationship, building a house...if each of the players bring something important to the table, can’t we all share in the overall success instead of deciding that one’s contribution isn’t “equal” to another’s?  The world is viewed so microscopically now that overall successes are diluted/overshadowed by people’s need to be “equal“.

We women have worked long and hard for our station in this country (and world?) but consider this:  since the beginning of time it was women who were the emotional support/stability in a relationship; it was women who did the majority of the nurturing.  Have men fought for their “equality” in our arena?  Not so much.  While women took on the “equality” issue with fervor, men have been using their energies to maintain something they’ve always had.

When i see the articles of yore, such as the one Vikki posted, instead of thinking, “Yea...RIGHT,” i think “i WISH!”  I wish it was that easy anymore.

Love it


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