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I was really surprised to find how easy it was to lose weight with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and to keep the weight off. I’ve spent the majority of my life around 20 to 30 pounds more than I weigh now.

I think the first step in losing weight with EFT is readiness. Am I ready to do what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. If you‘re just thinking about it, that is start, but it’s not the same as being ready, I mean really ready to deal with the emotions that are underneath the fat. That is why diets don’t work, because you really don’t get to the issues that cause you to overeat eat when you diet. Typically, you lose weight, then you gain it back and then some.

A powerful question to ask yourself is what is the benefit of keeping this extra weight on? What would be harder for me if I were thinner? When you come up with the answer to this question you can use EFT to clear whatever is there.

What are some of the reasons you may be keeping weight on:
.....I can’t afford a new wardrobe fat girlfriends would be mad at me would come on to me
.....women would come, on to me
.....I would draw too much attention
.....I might have an affair with someone
.....I am too lazy
.....I am too old to lose weight

After you come up with a reason or pay off for keeping extra weight on, you can use EFT so it is no longer an issue.

Let's say your issue for keeping weight on is that you feel you can't afford a new wardrobe. Your setup phrase could be even though :
.....I can’t afford a new wardrobe, and I deeply and completely love and accept myself
.....I’m afraid if I lost weight all of my clothes would be too big...
.....I might feel embarrassed wearing clothes that just hang on me...
You tap on your karate chop point on the side of your hand while saying the above setup phrases. For a chart of all the tapping points I’d like to use go to:pic

For tapping on the body, you could use this script (and feel free to make any changes in the wording it works for you). By the way, I like to tap on both sides of the body whenever possible.

First round:  tap on each point around 7 times:

.....inside the eyebrow: can’t afford a new wardrobe
.....outside the eyebrow: my clothes won’t fit
.....under the eyes: I don’t have money for a new wardrobe
.....under the nose: can’t afford new clothes
.....under the bottom lip: don’t have any extra money
.....collarbone: can’t afford new clothes
.....under the arms (on the bra strap area): no money for clothes
.....liver point (on the ribs under the breast): no clothes money
.....wrist points (on the wrist crease below the palm of your hand) no extra money of head (or the crown chakra): no  clothes money

Second round  

.....inside the eyebrow: I don’t think I can afford a new wardrobe
.....outside the eyebrow: but I want to lose weight
.....under the eyes: I am tired to being overweight
.....under the nose: but what if I lose weight and don’t have the right clothes
.....under the bottom lip: I don’t know what I will do
.....collarbone: I can look in my closet and find something that would work for when I lose 10 pounds
.....under the arms (on the bra strap area): maybe I can start losing weight and figure out what to do after I lose the weight
.....liver point (on the ribs under the breast): I think I can work it out
.....wrist points (on the wrist crease below the palm of your hand) I’m not sure how to work it out yet of head (or the crown chakra): I’m not let this old story stop me from losing weight

Third round  

.....inside the eyebrow: my old story was an excuse
.....outside the eyebrow: I choose to let go of this old story about not being able to afford a wardrobe
.....under the eyes: I choose to let go of this extra weight
.....under the nose: I choose to be aware of my feelings around food
.....under the bottom lip: I will remember to tap if I am eating unconsciously
.....collarbone: I know I can do this
.....under the arms (on the bra strap area): I remember to tap when I feel anxious around food

.....liver point (on the ribs under the breast): I choose to be at my ideal weight and size
.....wrist points (on the wrist crease below the palm of your hand) I’ll figure out what to do about clothes when I get there of head (or the crown chakra): this is easy

I am available to do phone sessions if you get stuck. I have great success at helping people get unstuck. Why wait?

JoAnn SkyWatcher: [Link Removed]

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Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Daphne wrote Nov 14, 2008
    • I’m assuming that a person should do this in the confines of their own home?  Imagine what people would think if they saw a person doing this as they sat at a table in their favorite coffee shop!  LOL

      Don’t get me wrong, i’m not bashing this technique...i’m just sharing the visual i had as i read your post.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      JoAnn SkyWatcher wrote Nov 14, 2008
    • I agree that it can look kind of wierd tapping in public. What you can do is tap before going to your favorite coffee shop—in the car or like you mentioned at home. Some people take little EFT breaks at work in the privacy of the bathroom.

      After you learn how to do EFT, you can imagine tapping the points, and that can work. By using your imagination and your intent, but to start off I would recommend tapping with your fingers.

            Report  Reply

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