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I notice as I get older my body just doesn’t work as it used to. When I turned 40 I noticed my eye sight going down hill. I went to the eye doctor and of course I needed reading glasses. I got to thinking “What If I Lost My Eye Sight Completely” How in the world could I manage around my house.

 I sat in my chair in the living room and looked around the room to notice everything that was there and everything around me. I walked down the hallway to the bedrooms and done the same thing. I went into my kitchen which also joins with my dining room and done the same thing. I sat back down in my chair in the living room and thought for a few minutes about what I had seen and about where the things I seen were placed. I then closed my eyes and thought again about what I had seen and where I seen them. I got out of my chair with my eyes closed and started walking around the room with my arms out in front of me. I did this throughout my entire home. I do this at least once a year now and I believe if I did loose my eye sight it would be OK! Not ok as in I would love to be blind because of course I wouldn’t but OK as in I would know where everything was in my home and would not hurt myself in the simple walking to the bathroom or bedrooms. I still need to take the time to count the clicks on my washing machine to start a load and also count the seconds it takes to the start of the dryer. I don’t know if I will be able to cook but I have closed my eyes to wash dishes before and done a really good job. You never think about these things on a daily basis but What if?  

  Thank you for taken the time to read my blog!  

    Belinda Gray

   Buffalo Mo.

Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Tuliplady wrote Jun 20, 2011
    • Great blog!

      I think a question was asked on this site one time about whether you’d rather be blind or deaf.

      I said blind, because I’ll always remember what my children look like, but I’d want to always be able to carry on a conversation with my kids even if I can’t see them.

      I frequently navigate my house in the pitch dark because I know where everything is and I don’t want to wake myself up too much by turning on a light.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Denise Richardson wrote Jun 20, 2011
    • Yes this is a great blog, and we need to be thankful for our sight as well as all of our God given senses. I too over the years have come to lose some of my keen sight which has me now wearing no line bi-focals, I’m reminded with this post as to how precious our senses are to us and if it were that I had to chose to either be deaf or blind I think I’d rather be deaf, I couldn’t fathom the thought of either but to not be able to see would be so devastating to me even with me wearing glasses tend to bug me out at times.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Vikki Hall wrote Jun 20, 2011
    • Great post! And great timing too estatic The pollen in the air here has really impacted whether I can wear my contacts or not. However my glasses make my sinus go crazy. So I’m in a no win situation. So my hubz and I talked about lasik..... I’m scared!

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