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For the past 8 months, i've noticed several changes in my body and finally did something about it.  First, i needed to address my stomach and digestive issues.  I had the flu back in February and my stomach hasn't been right since.  I allowed myself to think it was just the lingering effects of the flu but after several months, i knew it had nothing to do with the flu (See The Symphony in My Stomach ).  Baseball season, summer on the lake, autumn travel and i found myself at the end of October with continued trouble with my stomach.  For years i have suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome but this felt like much more.

Something else i noticed over the summer...i had a lump on the inside of my left thigh just above my knee that became darker and bigger.  I had another on my back but it wasn’t nearly as big.  

Admittedly, i was concerned but as i’ve said many times, “For someone who doesn’t practice her faith, i lean on it a lot.”  Finally, at the end of October i made an appointment with my NP to discuss these issues and a few other minor things.  First call of action was a colonoscopy (i wasn’t surprised) and she also wanted me to see a surgeon and get the bumps removed and sent to pathology.  I visited the surgeon, he said he definitely agreed that the bumps should be removed and he highly doubted they were anything serious (whew).  An hour after that appointment i needed to begin drinking the “Golightly” prep for my colonoscopy the next day.  

The protocol for preparing for the colonoscopy calls for me to drink one 8-ounce glass of the liquid every 10-15 minutes until it’s gone.  There’s a gallon of this stuff so i knew i was in for a tough time.  Me being me, i decided to drink 12-ounce glasses every 10 minutes and get it over with.  After the second glass, i knew i couldn’t do this for another hour+ so i began drinking 12-ounce glasses more frequently and had the whole gallon in me in one hour and ten minutes.  My husband asked me what it tasted like and i thought for a moment and said, “It tastes like i’m drinking a gallon of someone else’s spit.  Even the orange flavor packet didn’t help.”  I spent the next several hours getting close with my bathroom...nuff said.

The next morning i showered and had to be at the hospital at 9:00am.  When it was time, i was lead into a room, IV’d and asked a million questions.  For the procedure, i was told to lay on my left side with my knees drawn up a little.  The nurse pushed two sedatives into my IV and i was extremely relaxed...i think it’s called a twilight sleep.  I liked it!  At one point, i did “feel” something moving around in my gut but nothing i couldn’t stand.  It seemed like the procedure was very quick and i was up and out of there in no time.  The doctor told me that i definitely have IBS but it appears that i have an inflamed colon as a result.  This was good news compared to the other possibilities.  I came home and snoozed for a couple of hours and was just fine.  I’m glad that’s over!!!

This morning was my appointment with the surgeon.  He decided to remove the bump on my back first and instructed me to lay on my left side.  I said, “This is familiar,” to the nurse and we laughed.  I had already told her i’d had a colonoscopy last week.  A little poke and some burning as he injected the local anesthetic, 10 minutes of tugging and stitches and i was on my back for another little poke and some burning with 10 more minutes of tugging and stitches on my left thigh.  The worse of that was the injection of the local anesthetic.  The best part was my nurse...I knew i recognized her and after a little conversation we nailed down how i knew her.  She is married to an old high school friend and we shared some laughs from the old days.  

After my visit to the hospital this morning, i had to go to another hospital in the next town for my mammogram.  That was uneventful with the exception of seeing a classmate who has been on the “missing” list for years!  

My leg and back are annoying me tonight.  Any tugging and i catch a pain.  I took a look at my leg and the incision is about 3 inches long!  Geez...i hope the one on my back isn’t that big!  Who am i kidding?  It’s not like anyone cares that i am collecting scars!  

I am thankful for the minor issues i many people have such terrible health issues that i cannot complain about an angry belly and a couple of bumps.

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Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Mztracy wrote Nov 6, 2009
    • Wow Daphne!! Aren’t colonoscopies fun?!  

      I am glad to hear that all is ok. Going through all of that must not have been much fun. I’m hoping that soon you will be all better. I also have IBS.... YUCKY!!! I ‘feel’ your pain there! tongue out

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Lazylola wrote Nov 7, 2009
    • Daphne, what a trooper you are, that is quite a bit of tugging, poking and prodding, glad it is all minor and that you are on the mend. ((HUGS))

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Vikki Hall wrote Nov 7, 2009
    • Thx D for explaining the procedures.... it takes some of the mystery out so for those of us who have never been and may need to go.
      I am so glad that it has all turned out ok. I am assuming that the no coffee is part of calming things down. Is there anything else you have to do to help?

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Daphne wrote Nov 7, 2009
    • Vikki,

      Today was my first cup of coffee in 11 days and i did suffer some minor stomach pain and...well...other stuff.  I think it’s pretty conclusive that it’s either the coffee or the creamer, or a combination of both, that riles up my stomach.

      One of the reasons i wrote this blog was to kind of outline the coloscopy procedure because, if we all live to 50, we‘re all going to (or SUPPOSED to) have one done.  I find that eliminating some of the mystery makes the whole process less intimidating.

      Another reason i wrote it was to remind myself (and maybe others?) that putting things off, a.) isn’t good and, b.) prolongs one’s nervousness when maybe, just MAYBE, there isn’t anything to worry about.  I caused myself undue worry for procrastinating.

      After a so-so night’s sleep, when i got up my leg was feeling stiff, sore and tender.  I guess the lack of movement for so long over-relaxed my leg and it has taken the better part of the day so far to loosen things up.  It’s still sore and in the way (now that i’ve removed the bandaid) but i’m CERTAIN i will live for another day of making my kids crazy!

      Thanks for your comments, ladies and GO TO THE DOCTOR if something is suspicious, different or worrisome!

            Report  Reply

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