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About a year or so ago, I was very active in [Link Removed] classes at our local YMCA. Miranda, our yoga instructor, was an absolute doll and if not for her encouragement, I don't know that I would have had much success with it. But Miranda was in AMAZING shape, and I envied her a little bit --so I used that as my own personal motivation. Miranda could rock some yoga pants, let me tell you!

Initially, since it was a brand new facility and they were trying to get an idea as to the level of interest in this class (and others), our sessions were only 30 minutes long. I mistakenly assumed, since I barely broke a sweat in that half hour, that the hour-long sessions, once they were put in place, would be just as easy.

Boy, was I wrong! That first hour-long session involved enough sweat for me to be embarrassed by the damp condition of my yoga mat (until I took a furtive look around the room and discovered I was not alone in my humid humiliation). Two night later, much sorer than before, I hesitated to return to the class.

*It's hard*, my body complained.
*It's supposed to be. It'll pass*, replied my brain.
*But American Idol is on tonight*, body reminded brain.
*You can DVR it for when you get home*, came the logical reply.
*Fine, I'll go, but you really piss me off*, stormed my body as I grabbed my bag and headed out the door.
*It's not the first time*, yawned my brain.

So, against my body’s better judgment, I returned to yoga. And not just on that second night, but over and over and over again. Before I knew it, I was going through the Sun Salutations without having to really listen to Miranda’s reminders of the next posture. I found my body actually enjoying the stretches in the Cobra position, and LOVING the relaxation that can only be found in Child’s Pose. I was getting stronger, and I was actually feeling longer, if you can imagine it.

*There IS such thing as muscle memory*, my body rejoiced.
*I told you*, quipped my brain.
*No Body likes an 'I told you so'*, was the response as my hands drowned out my brain by cranking the music on my Ipod.

Unfortunately, life happened and after several months I had to give up my thrice-weekly yoga training. Shortly thereafter I suffered a severe back injury that had me laid up for weeks, and then moving tentatively for several months. Most of the progress I’d made during the classes was lost. Fortunately, the lessons were not.

Now, as I approach better health and wellness again, I have my own mat (that I can sweat on as much as I want, without shame!) and a great yoga DVD. And, every day, whether or not I also incorporate walking or weight training or any other form of activity, I never fail to stretch, stretch, and stretch again.

I’m feeling stronger than I have in over a year, and I’m actually feeling longer again. When I lay full-out in the corpse pose, I feel as if my yoga mat is barely containing the length of me these days. I love when my muscles are warm, and I love the flexibility I feel now, from first thing in the morning and all through my day. I actually look forward to hitting the mat at the end of my day and working out whatever kinks might have made it through.

*Stretch? No problem*, now says my body.
*You've come a long way*, comes the compliment from my brain.
*I've still got a long way to go. It won't be easy, but I think I can do it*, body says hopefully.
*There's not a doubt in my mind...*

This post also appears at my [Link Removed] with full color photos and external links.

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Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Godrescuedgirl wrote Sep 21, 2008
    • I love it. My body has had the same excuses, although American Idol is over, the new season of CSI’s start next week. Yikes! But a surprise is in the making - I bought a treadmill - it is located in just the right position too.  

      I love reading your writings. How wonderful and refreshing.

      Good Luck on the weight loss and fitness.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Feathermaye wrote Sep 21, 2008
    • Well thanks, dancer! Sometimes I get caught up in the moments and just throw the words down; other times I actually feel like I have something to say. ;)

      Congrats on the treadmill! Since my husband and I live and work on a storage property, we‘re never at a loss for walking room. I do, though, throw my yoga mat down in front of the television when there’s a show or movie I refuse to miss.  

      Keep me posted on your progress!

            Report  Reply

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