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Well Christmas wasn’t too bad...

Steven for the better part was very good...had a couple of incidents although minor still need to be dealt with...seems he thinks that I have no right telling him what to do...I told him that as long as he was living in my home that I had every right to tell him what to do...end of story...I am learning to handle these situations...depending on the circumstances it can get hard at times but I seem to be stronger and better equipped to deal with it...He comes home January 18th and at times it scares me....I am afraid that I might not do things right but I know I have plenty of support so it isn’t that bad.

We had Christmas dinner at my new home and my daughter Miranda cooked and she sure out did herself...turkey was cooked to perfection and she added those little special touches as she always does.  After dinner we all relaxed and vegged out while the kids played upstairs in Steven’s room with his new PS3...yeah I spoiled him and got him one...mind you that was pretty much the only thing I got him...the machine and 3 games...guess it didn’t matter to him...he was tickled

Mom and the kids spent the night...we watched favorite was The Chipmunks...I love that movie...and it brang back memories when I was a kid and used to listen to them...I had my own little record player and the chipmunks album and I used to sit there for hours listening and singing to

I phoned my dad and although I was happy to talk to him I found out that his heart has been giving him problems...He has to fly down to Edmonton next month some time to see the specialist...He found out about 3 or 4 yrs ago that he has a bad heart but they don’t want to operate as the operation could prove he has been living with it and making the best of it...Dad makes lightly of it but his wife told me the truth and I am hoping to make a trip up north to see him sometime in the new year...she thinks that is a good idea as we don’t know how long there is...sounds awful saying that but it is the reality of the situation.

I had a long and interesting conversation with my mom yesterday...she still hasn’t really accepted my sisters death and she let me read the coroners is little sis did commit suicide...something I knew in my heart but mom was unable to accept that.  She says she can’t let go...that sometimes she feels like she doesn’t want to live any more and that the only thing that keeps her from doing anything are my niece and nephew...I told her that is the reason she needs to get counselling...she says yes but knowing her she will put it off....I felt so sad for her but what can I do?  I can’t force her to go to therapy...I worry about her...I don’t think she will do anything to herself...she also assured me that she wouldn’t but she needs to get into counselling, get over it and go on with her life...she has other children, grandchildren and great grandkids who love her and need her.  

The abscess on my leg is slowly is slowly healing from the inside nurse (Miranda) has been changing my dressing...She felt awkward at first...considering how close it is to my private area...but she has been a real sport in helping me tend to it.

So there it is...finally it is over...all the rushing around...the fuss...Christmas is finally over...til next we have to start all over again.


Member Comments

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      Vikki Hall wrote Dec 28, 2009
    • Oh no I am decreeing that 2010 will be a good year!!!! And according to Ellen and the blog she just left she thinks 2010 will also be a banner year.
      I think we all should just stand up and protest anything less than a fabulous 2010!!!!!

      BTW I am glad that things are looking a bit brighter for you in some areas....

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      UK Girl wrote Dec 29, 2009
    • Karyn –I'm so glad everything is coming together for you and your settling in your new place. I'm sorry about your parents but maybe it would be good for you to visit your dad.
      Yes 2010 is going to be a better year – I think we all entered 2009 with so many uncertainties but now it's time to just get on with things and enjoy life

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