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Success is the personal fulfilment of your being on all levels. Success entails realizing your true destiny, which is about creating from the Self—as you are both artist and medium of creation—and enriching the world though unique expressions of Self. Success is also a moving target; as you reach self-realization, you become greater and capable of even deeper self-expression and fulfilment

The path to holistic success (i.e. success on all levels of being) is on the foundation of *inner freedom*—for without inner freedom we are constrained to be something we are not. We are each an individualized part of divine consciousness that is completely unique, and our purpose for being here is that we create from our unique viewpoint and radiate our unique essence out into the world. In the natural world, there are no clones and no two things are exactly alike. It is unnatural for us to mimic others or be subservient to fulfilling another's dream.  

Success is a state of being that ignites you to ever greater expression and expansion of consciousness. Binding yourself to someone else's dreams will not ignite your being. Therefore inner freedom is an absolute necessity to your success.  You have a divine right to freedom, and all that you do to champion it will meet with the full support of the universe. Many people forego freedom for the sake of what they think is safety (for example, approval, acceptance, financial security, and so forth), not realizing that by that decision they have chosen to bind themselves to the physical world and make it their master.  On the other hand, when you champion inner freedom in your life, you align with your Divine Source (becoming accountable only to your god-self within), and the power of the universe will support you in all that you do.

The path to holistic success is also in the pursuit of *joyful living*.  In fact, the outcome of holistic success is joy. Your destiny path is to be found in the pursuit of joy, as joyful living is the goal and purpose of your life. In joy, you harmonize with all of creation, because creation is joy. Joy is the experience of the creative power of love overflowing through you and out into your world. Success is the visible result—the effect of this experience.

"By your joy you shall know your love, and the nature of your soul, as it casts your love upon the waters of life."    

The pursuit of joy has nothing to do with ego gratification or fun seeking as an escape, but rather with the cultivation of right feeling and right thinking that leads to continual well being and ever deeper self awareness and harmony with life.  Self-awareness is feeling self, and feeling is the experience of joy.  Do not confuse feeling with emotion, which is an experience that comes from the Astral body. Feeling is a transcendent experience from all levels of your being. As such, it is the medium of perception of all of life in every dimension. The faculty of feeling is to joy as what the eye is to light. The eye experiences light—it is light beholder apparatus. And as the eye beholds light, impressions are made. As feeling beholds joy, magnetic vibrations are produced that is the result of unified perception on all dimensions of being. Feeling is magnetic and universal, and it activates the power of Attraction.  Feeling is faster than time and has a global effect.  Joy activates feeling, just as light created and activates the eye. Joy is creation and similarly feeling is becoming.

Feeling Self is thus equivalent to evolving Self. The pursuit of joy therefore is not pleasure seeking but rather seeking self. Reaching for greater joy will always entail having to face yourself more deeply, with honesty and courage, letting go of falseness and purifying what is true in you.  And as you evolve yourself in this manner, you become inwardly freer, reveal greater truth, and ignite the passion stirring within. With increased inner freedom comes the possibility for greater joy and success. Joy is a force of expansion that quickens everything it touches. Joy, love, freedom, and ever deeper feeling and self-awareness are all woven into the fabric of success.  

Inner freedom is enhanced through the process of emancipating from all external attachments and external sense of identity, facing oneself honestly, challenging oneself to transformation and discovering one's inner power and capacities in the process.  It is a deepening process directed inwardly, and all that is transformed unleashes new inner capacities. Think of rays of attention directed toward a single point, and they cross at that point they 'disappear', entering into another dimension—a depth of inwardness that expands being in all directions—and all the rays are now radiating outward into infinity in that deeper dimension.  Self-awareness is the portal to freedom of being.  As your being expands in that deeper dimension, your life expands in all directions in the realm of joyful living and success.  The strength of your radiations that come from self-awareness define the circumference of your being, that is, the outer circumstances that appear as an effect of your consciousness. The stronger or deeper your consciousness of self, the stronger your radiating effect and thus the 'larger' your outer circumstances become in life.

The process of going deeper within Self looks like the pursuit of joy outwardly. It is not a painful process, though many of us resist it thinking it will be.  Those of us who do resist self-awareness are then caught up in pursuing externals—external standards of a one-sided success— and trying to make an effect into a cause.  But that is a dead end pursuit. Life can then only expand by force, rather than by internal power, and the expansion is only temporary as force is finite and cannot be sustained.

So many people have amassed great monetary wealth and their lives are a mess in other areas. So common is this phenomenon that a statement like "money doesn't buy happiness" has been etched into the consciousness of the masses. But the problem is not with the money, but rather with the pursuit of money or externals as a goal in life. Money and other external signs of abundance are the effect of the person who pursues authentic self-expression and joyful living.  We are not to "take thought about how we will feed and clothe ourselves" but are here to "seek the kingdom of Heaven within"—that is, to find the true self that is of divine origin and align personal will with that higher will that leads us to "be in this world but not of it". In so doing "all things shall be added unto us".  

The path of joy is one in which there is a continual inward focus and feeling of Self. In the process, self-discovery and self-identity deepen and so do freedom and joy. As we face ourselves honestly and align with an ever deeper sense of purpose that does not change with changing conditions, we feel a constancy of being that imparts great inner strength and security. Joy, which is an effect of love and well being, has a quality of expansiveness that puts you in a harmonious relationship with all of creation; it has a radiating quality that gives of itself... seeking to expand beyond itself.  Moreover, when we align with joyful living as the goal, we come into alignment with the higher aspects of our being as they are joy, and thus all sorts of opportunities open up for us that are not possible otherwise.  

Freedom is also foundational to joy—when we are inwardly free we know who we are; in order to feel Self, we must know Self.   Personal freedom is the foundation to your life, which was given to you for the purpose of expanding Creation by your uniqueness. Freedom necessarily entails moving beyond your story—transcending your story and meeting your life challenges and karmic lessons, because that is the only process that will lead you to uncovering and revealing Self.

Success requires great inner movement. It is not possible to stagnate in consciousness and be a successful human being. Success is not a static goal, it is a moving target that beckons us to go ever more deeply into self-awareness and self-expression. You may think that this kind of success is too spiritual and has nothing to do with success on the material plane, which may be what you are looking for and what prompted you to work with this module. But the truth of the matter is that this success is the only kind that is holistic, i.e. that will involve the whole of your being and thus lead to true happiness and joy. Any surrogate of success fragments our being—we become focused in one area of life and try to downplay the time using that one area to avoid the pain of the others that were neglected—and this cannot result in happiness and fulfilment.  The essence of true success is a quality of consciousness that is ours forever, whereas false success is only temporary and does not yield anything beyond the particular story in which it is played out (and only on the material plane).  As we are infinite beings, why even bother with things that are temporary? Holistic success on the other hand, results in expansion of consciousness and inner gifts that are yours eternally.

Many people fear success because they fear the visibility and exposure that they believe comes with it. But that is success that is outward directed and focused on effects rather than cause. True success is an 'inside job'.  When you focus on the self as the cause of your success, it becomes an inner journey of discovery and the outer effects are of secondary importance. Moreover, as you strengthen within, you are able to hold and wield power over a life that is expanded in scope.  

True success and personal fulfilment is not measured relative to others, but is rather a personal state of consciousness. It comes from knowing that you are tapping into inner resources connected to Source and expressing your soul nature out in the world. There may be times of great desire and inner drive, followed by times of deep contentment; these are the ebbs and flows of success. But as the quest for greater self never ends, so the pursuit of success is ongoing no matter how successful you may be.

This article was extracted from Dare to Succeed!, the 3rd in a series of Activations Healing & Enlightenment modules developed around a Remote Healing Sessions series. This module contains activations and other vibrational tools to support a person to clear hindrances and embody the fundamental principles of success at ever deeper levels.  To read more about this transformational product, please visit the Inner Mastery Tools website at "link" To read about the Remote Healing Sessions Program of which this module is part, you may go to "link"  

Dare to Succeed! reveals the five fundamental principles of success, which when followed earnestly, will completely transform your relationship to life; along with the activations in the module, you will open to new pathways of opportunity and expression.


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