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Get More Time for You

I asked my fellow fabulous women what stresses you out the most and for many of you it was getting "time for me".  With all our responsibilities, whether it is family or work or friends, we can be left to the wayside.  I believe we can have the lives we want if we begin to commit to the changes we have to make, just one step at a time.  Here are some simple ways to make sure you get the priority treatment you deserve.

Take a "me pill"  

If you took a magic pill that would give you the time you seek for yourself, what would you do with that time?  We can get so used to putting our needs off that we wouldn't know where to start if we did have the time.  Take an imaginary "me pill" and see what exciting, relaxing or interesting things you would pursue.  When you get the pictures in your head of the things you would like to do, write them down.  If you are anything like me at all, you will forget in 5 minutes all the great things you came up with.

Make it easy  

Now that you know what special little "me moments" that you wish for, make it as easy for yourself as possible.  Want time to finish the Twilight series?  Make sure you have the books at the ready and keep them close.  Like photography?  Make sure your camera is charged and you have plenty of room for more shots.  

Make room  

Make a little room for yourself.  Try saying "no."  I have a client who made one change over the past couple of weeks.  Setting boundaries with others by saying "no".  The big test came.  She was asked yet again to commit.  She set the limit and they found another volunteer.  She finds that every day it gets easier.  She has more and more time to do what she wants, just by making some room for herself.

Grab the moment  

You know what you want, you have a path to get you there and you have squeezed out a little more time for it.  Now, look for your moment.  How would you feel in your kid's pick up line at school if you were reading a favorite book while you waited?  What if you delegated some responsibility so you could take that course you have been curious about?  What if you could get up 20 minutes earlier once a week, because you know exactly what you would do with that time and have everything you need to get started?

Why wait?  Time for you is there for the taking.  Just dig in and make it happen!

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Member Comments

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      Vikki Hall wrote May 3, 2009
    • Hi Maria,
      I started to read this the other day but got ripped away from my few moments. So I am back....

      I had a room to myself until my daughter moved back in.... So I ended up making a corner in my bedroom for “me” time. I have a small table with a lamp, books, magazines, my journals, pad of paper and pen, A comfy chair and candle. It’s nice and I don’t usually get bothered when I am there. Now getting me there.....

      We will be moving and I already told my huz that our next house will have that extra room for me. He wanted to know if he get’s a room too. I laughed at him.... then explained. He has the entire garage and he also has whatever room the big black ugly electronics go in. You know the macho TV with all the other stuff like stero, dvd, surround sound and all it’s boxes....... he shut up after that!

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Honeybaby wrote May 3, 2009
    • wow that sounds familiar. my 27 year old daughter moved back in after 1 year. i had finally decided to make her old room into my quiet room. i stored her old stuff and brought a new television. on saturday i went shopping for a new couch and reading chair for the room, but for some reason hesitated to actually purchase it. i guess i was waiting to find exactly what i wanted. then sunday morning someone knocks at the door and low and behold there she is lock, stock and barrel. i welcomed her home.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Maria Murphy wrote May 4, 2009
    • Congrats on the space for you, Vikki!

      Just spend a little time there each day.

      Soon it will become habit!


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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Maria Murphy wrote May 4, 2009
    • Honey-baby-

      Tough to turn down your little girl, you know?  Maybe you can still carve out some time and space for yourself.  You may need it more than ever now.  It will make the time with your daughter home even better.


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