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I haven’t blogged or even been on this site for a little while - I had my knee replacement on the 1st and for whatever reason my blackberry cannot support this site.  Bummer!  

I was in the hospital for four (4) days which apparently is pretty good - most folks with this procedure are in for at least a week.  Of course, most folks who have this procedure are at least 15 yrs older than I am too!  estatic  I was just happy to go home!  

I received a ton of support in the hospital from family and friends which was great!  One friend who happened to go into labor while I was still there even called me from the delivery room in between contractions to say hi and let me know she was thinking about me!  I have some pretty crazy and great friends!

I only had one mishap in the hospital this time around.  Last year, in an effort to spare me the trauma of a full knee replacement I had my left kneecap replaced.  Pain mangement is very critical for these types of procedures and the first day and night you are hooked up to a morphine drip and can regulate your pain meds (within reason, of course). Well, my IV blew sometime in the early evening and I kept calling the nurse to complain about pain - the nurse never actually came to my room at first  they kept sendng techs who would check the machine and tell me it was fine.  When the nurse finally did show up she did and said the same thing.  By this time it was bout midnight and I was in excruciating pain, I called my poor hubby crying hystericaly.  Needless to say I got no sleep that night.

The next morning when it was light i looked at my arm where the IV was and it swollen to about double normal size.  I caled the nurse and showed the tech and asked if this is normal - she said she didn’t know (WTF!) and got the nurse (same night nurse who didn’t check it the previous night).  She proceeded to apologize up and down, out a new IV in and let my have morphine the rest of the day.  I complained to her supervisor, my doctor and wrote a letter of compaint to the hospital.

This time around, I was in the same hospital.  Both my doctor and I made sure everyone knew waht had happened last year so it wouldn’t happen again.  I had the best nusres and techs on the day shift and the first night had the best night nurse and tech.  The second night, however, my heart sank when my nurse came in to introduce herself - I swear it was the same nurse from last year!  Anyway, all went well until it was time for my pain meds at 10:30pm. By now I was off the morphine and on percocet.  I called the nurse - the tech came - I told him what I needed and he advised he would let her know.  She never showed.  I called again around 11:15pm.  different tech.  same result.  I must fallen asleep and woke up about 12:30pm.  Now I can’t move because it hurt so bad.  I call the nurse AGAIN.  This time I start yelling when the tech comes in that a nurse better get her ass in there asap.  She finally comes in and tells me its MY responsibilty to make sure I get my pain meds!  I lost it!  I told her I have been calling for 2+ hours and where the hell is she?  She tells me she was with a patient - for 2+ hours?    I told her I found that very hard to beleive and that even if that were the case I was telling techs what I needed and why didn’t she get another nurse to bring my pain meds?  She had no answer for that.

Next day some friends of mine from the HOG group came to visit - I told them what had happened. The charge nurse rides a Harley too and stopped by becasue she saw my friends.  We told her what happened and she made sure I had the best night nurses after that.

All the rehab staff (post surgical, pool therapy and land therapy) recognized me from last year.  I thought that was kind of interesting.   They were all sorry to hear my kneecap replacement didn’t work.  I was really surprised that out of all the hundres of folks they meet they recognized me.  They might not have remembered my name but they all were like “hey - werent you here last year?”  Guess I made an impression!  Don’t know if thats a good or a bad thing!

Ok, guess I’ve rambled long enough.  I feel better having gotten all this down!  Sorry it’s so long!


Member Comments

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      Jo46 wrote Jun 10, 2009
    • If you are ever unhappy again in the future with your care while in the hospital ask to speak to the “Charge Nurse“.  If your still not having your needs met, pick up your phone and ask the operator to page the “nursing supervisor.”  No one should be denied or delayed in pain management.  This is a  “Patients RIghts!”

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Vikki Hall wrote Jun 10, 2009
    • I am sorry that you had to go thru all that...

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