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I was at a bookstore looking for books on exercise & health, trying to gain knowledge on how to better support my body as I get older. The same situps I did at age 20 seem to have little or no effect on my abs at 40. Looking for good quality information was hard to find, as the magazines just wanted to sell me things to "fix" my body.

As a young girls I remember a Judy Blume book of pubescence. It dealt with the issue becoming a teen and the body changes to expect. My friends passed it among ourselves as if some kind of handbook for becoming a woman, all of us just holding our breath and waiting for the day when our breasts would blossom, we could shave our legs and our cycle would start. We were thinking when our cycle started it would be a magic day that would completely change our lives. Will we feel different when it happens? Who'll be the first of my friends to get it? Why did my mother call it a curse? Sure things did change, but maybe not as drastically as we thought.

 Looking back, there were two things my friends and I were looking for in the book. The first was strictly information. What changes were to happen, etc. The second was "how did she feel"? What was the experience like for her emotionally. I could get information from my mother, but to her it was an older woman's opinion. I wanted the experience of someone my own age, going through it at the time, sharing her fears and joys. I needed to relate.

 That is what I was looking for in the bookstore. Information and support from other women my age. Instead,
I found magazine after magazine telling me that I was falling apart and only surgery, pills and lotions could fix me. Somehow this new stage of life was a disfigurement that needed to be "cured". I feel I know less now than I did before I started seeking information.

What's the big secret? Why can't someone just say point blank "These are the changes happening, here is how women feel going through it." I don't necessarily want a fix to my few gray hairs, or my beginning crow's feet. And I certainly don't like being told that they are items that I need to "correct" to feel good about myself. I know that is not true. I do feel good about myself, but on a bad day, I do second guess myself.

What would make me feel good is to empower myself with information, to know that these are normal changes of life, and everyone in the same stage is going through it and are wondering the same things.


Member Comments

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      Bobbi Bacha wrote Nov 19, 2008
    • Its horrible isnt it when your body changes and things that used to work, doesnt work anylonger.  

      Ive seen my daughters struggling too with each age they get, from eating and doing anything staying thin and fit to having to work out, walk, excersize, and eat right.

      Your right, these changes are natural and we should accept them but I believe in preventative methods.

      Ive always stayed out of the sun and used good make up and skin care products and have pushed time away for years.  

      I dont know the answer to empower yourself on aging, Ive just dealt with each thing as it begins, Im fortunate to have very oily skin so I have no wrinkles or lines YET.. they will happen.  Ill be 50 next July..  

      If you find an answer.. let me know.

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      Almostfive0 wrote Nov 19, 2008
    • Rebecca...
      You sound like you already know what to do girl...
      Just keep on knowing in your heart that you don’t need to be fixed. Keep on loving you and taking care of you.  

      Those crunches that you did to get you in shape in your twenties will do little for you now because you‘re body and your spirit are asking different things from you right now.
      That doesn’t mean stop exercising by any means. Just be gentle with yourself right now.
      Go for walks, watch what you eat, do light weight training and things like stretching, yoga and meditation to strengthen your core, nourish your spirit and quiet your mind.
      Once your body gets use to the changes it is going through it will adjust.
      Good luck and take care of you.

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