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I enjoy reading about other successful work at home women. I’m single, and I don’t know how they do it with kids running around—takes alot of patience, drive and perseverance that’s fer shure. I think I’d opt to work for someone else first if I were starting out.

I signed up for Twitter once and I never seemed to get into it... then I learned about how people were being scammed and hacked via Twitter.  

I’ve been hacked many times. I’ve been trying to learn how they do it for years.  

Most recently, I joined an online dating service (paid subscription). I don’t know what I was thinking, putting my life out there like that. Like holding up a sign, come and hack me I’m easy.

First mistake was talking to the person out of the safety of the Dating Service website. Once I got onto Yahoo and began IM‘ing it opened the door for the hacker to gain access to my machine for further exploitation. He also sent me a picture which included a lil program (steganography) in it to steal my passwords.

He was good... I was using 5 different computers and he managed to scan me each time I signed on and spoke with him via IM.

More insidious is how they use Social Networking to boldly go and find unsuspecting victims who are vulnerable and looking for love. I know I was way too trusting. But not a total idiot. He sent me love poems which I looked up and found online. He described his life and first wanted to send me flowers via his personal courier... duh... like I’d give him my home address.

He even said he was british but when i spoke to him he didnt sound british but sounded middle eastern or some other ethnicity. But, funny how I still wanted to believe him.

The final straw was when he asked me to cash a check for him from another country. He said he was trying to get a license to sell oil here in the U.S. and was short $5000. When I said no, he immediately shut down my computer with a trojan and erased his tracks.  

I found that I had 5 servers attached to my computer... by this time. And it only took three or four IM’s & two phone conversations. Thank God I backed up all my work.  

I then began the task of calling my banks, buying a credit monitoring service, filling out complaints with every agency I could think of. So far, no problems, but maybe they got the info they needed ... it did leave me feeling very vulnerable but also provided the impetus to study ethical hacking & internet related crime investigations.  

For anybody wanting to work from home, this is a burgeoning field.


Member Comments

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      Scandi1ous wrote Sep 17, 2009
    • I added a fraud alert which lasts 90 days in addition to the credit monitoring service.  

      I’ve read stories about how there are groups of people hacking major corporations and the government websites. One such hack involved extortion with an OTB.  

      But that tells you alot about how secure our information really is once placed online. I’m sure things will improve... hope so... I’ve been checking out virtual environments like MOJOPac, that allow you to surf from a secure environment.

      If hackers want to hack however, they will get to their target eventually. But why make it easy?

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      Max0125 wrote Sep 17, 2009
    • Thnak you for sharing this valuable information. This is too creepy! I wish that these hackers could use their mental powers for good, not evil!

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      Anonymous wrote Sep 17, 2009
    • It’s good to learn as much as we can about how not to perpetuate the problems associated with hacker/terrorists. By keeping up to date with updates to avoid falling victim to exploits (not just microsoft but program updates) and using anti-virus protection... not clicking on links in email from people we don’t know... learning browser maintenance... resetting it back to default every now and then is useful. Even switching around with your browsers. Some other good ones I’ve tried are Maxthon & Avant Browsers. ~ Safe surfing

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      Scandi1ous wrote Sep 22, 2009
    • Next month I’ll talk about working from home ... getting started. Would appreciate it if you have a comment please comment on the topic at hand so anybody parusing will have a good sense of the topic.

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      Scandi1ous wrote Sep 22, 2009
    • Thanks termagses, the thing is that there are hacker/predators out there everywhere. As the internet has matured so too have the sophistication levels of their hacks and the manner in which they do the deed. It is easy to find out a great deal of information from simply a person’s name in an online forum like this or a simple google search. The dating sites provide so much more information.  

      It is my feeling that this hacker was working in a ring of some kind... scanning the dating sites. Who knows for what other ulterior purposes... botnets to launch further attacks on others?  

      It is very interesting and serious since more and more businesses and government entities are proliferating.

      Thanks for responding. happy

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