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Man, it seems like i am never here anymore frown Thanksgiving has come and gone and i never even got to wish you all a good one! Today i have a few minutes and on i come see all the happy thanksgiving wishes on my profile and then i feel so bad, cos i never got to wish anyone anything! I am certain i have missed birthdays to all who have had a birthday recently HAPPY BIRTHDAY. To all of you HAPPY BELATED Thanksgiving hope everyone had a good one..i did!
If i am not back here before Christmas MERRY CHRISTMAS ..and if New Year gets here before i do..HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!
Okay if i am not here before Easter..I wish you all a good Chocolatey one!
Now all that is out of the way...I am still unemployed..begining to think i am too old for work! I hurt my back sunday arranging the linen closet! something tells me i am spending too much time sitting at the PC looking for work and not enough time OUTSIDE moving this old bod! It used to be that the PC was a form of pleasure, but anymore i hate it! I am back up at 5am doing the seminary run..and realised this morning that i should walk the pup ( i walk him in the evenings ( last night i jogged him around the school track wore his sorry little pup butt out!) but decided to walk him in the mornings this meant a quick run to wally world for thermal undies LISTEN it is 20 degree in the mornings ...some times its 14...14...dang i never knew there was a that cold! ( what! i,m from AZ..we dont do 14) so thermal undies bought, hat, gloves..and now i am all ready for tomorow morning! not sure if pup is though...for a pup he is quite lazy..unless he is chasing the cat! which he lovesssss to do! Pup has got BIGGER, has learnt sit,comes when called now! and listens well..he is SMART..and yes i STILL adore him..even if our 5yr old yorkie doesnt! LOL she gets on him ALL the time..trying to remind him that she is older , wiser, smarter and better than he is...shes this 4lb tiny lil thing and is telling a 25lb pup whose far he is listening ! He has managed in his short life, to chew my laptop cord ( $80.00 to replace) a necklace ( which i loved!) (unsavable, and not replaced!) a pair of shoes that were really cute and i loved ( unreplacable!) a old ferret cage! ( go figure , it was in the yard with a pile of stuff i was going to take to good will shortly) numerous plastic cups! ( kids leave outside!) he treed the cat up by the electric wires! and the cat got a shock! ( that made me angry!) but then i decided he had to go to BOOT CAMP..( as a retired dog trainer for the show ring) i decided to come down hard and put him thru some much needed basic training...out came the correction collar ( the chain kind) and since then ALL IS WELL..cheese helped too! and my once loved , spoilt couldnt do no wrong now a loved, spoilt does do things wrong, but love him anyway trained pup! He is completely housebroke even over night ( no crate involved!) it took him 3 days total once to get it day to revert back to peeing in the house, then one more day when the light went on and it was like LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! i got this!
and all has been good since! My daughter is engaged to a very nice young man, yes they are a little young ( 18 and he 19) but they are perfect together..and cant tell kids that age anything sooooooooooooo...what will be will be! eventually they will figure it all out. Had the talk about marriage and how bloody much HARD WORK it is not white picket fence with roses..more like .....old fence that needs constantly repainting and thorns that need pulling up! she got the picture..and understood its hard work, she realised they will argue , and hate each other..he will soon be called a JERK in her head and she will be...*&%$# in his ! LOL but if they can understand that they are NOT perfect, and will bug the heck out of each other at times...then life will be good IF they learn to forgive and move on..always looking forward.
My two younger daughters have found LOVE...have realised it hurts, but that it is soon replaced by the next hot young stud who smiles there way! Right now life is good, but i heard there is snow on its way tomorow! the day i have chosen to walk the dog in the morning!..brrrrr its gonna be a cold one apparently YES COLDER THAN 14! is that even POSSIBLE! So as i watch pup out the window, playing happily..OH TO BE A LOVED PET! i am thankful for so many things this as i recently was put on BP meds as my BP set the alarms off at the docs office! 162/112! family as all mine are growing up and i see the end in sight! LOL for friends...old and new..
I am thankful to everyone here who has made being here FUN, silly, crazy, and just plain FUN..did i mention FUN..I love you all and wish you all the best that life has to offer, take it and run with happy, be healthy but above all BE LOVED, GIVE in the end ..that is ALL that matters in life.


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