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As they say, there comes a time when every physician becomes a patient. A family friend and world renowned surgeon found himself on the gurney after recently suffering a heart attack (patient confidentiality prevents us from revealing more details).  

Though fully recovered, the medical incident left substantial scar tissue around his heart. He remembered reading about a company called ProGenaCell, a clinic located in Stuttgart Germany that has made significant advancements and achieved great success with stem cell therapy.

Since January of 2012, he has received several stem cell therapy treatments, which has eliminated virtually all scar tissue, having "regrown" healthy tissue to replace the tissue damaged by the cardiac episode.  Eight months later, he is the picture of health, with a healthy heart, brighter, tauter skin and an elevated energy level that belies his 56 years. His doctors in Los Angeles remain baffled.  

Now, more and more professionals in the medical community here in the U.S. are seeing the benefits of stem cell therapy and its applications in treating everything from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's to a host of other degenerative diseases.  It is widely used in many countries within the field of regenerative medicine, as a first resort not the last.

Cell therapy restores function to injured, diseased and debilitated tissues and organs through injections of the patient's own (autologous, or self-donated) cells combined with xenocells (animal cells) and growth factors. These healthy cells are then able to "home" to the injured tissues and begin rejuvenating them.  The procedure is designed to enhance quality of life, but doctors are discovering it can also add years with its unique ability to rejuvenate aging cells in the heart, brain, liver, virtually everywhere in the body, which is comprised of cells.  

Like a Vitamin B Shot  

"Not unlike a Vitamin B shot, the procedure for stem cell transplantation is rather simple," explains Dr. Ulrich Friedrichson, M.D., PHD,  an internationally recognized physician, scientist and oncologist who has worked with human and animal stem cell transplants for the treatment of solid tumors since 1976,  "After your initial treatment, you can return home with a two-month supply of frozen stem cells, which can be administered as directed by a family member or a your primary care physician."  

ProGenaCell has treatment centers in Germany, Brazil, Poland, Vancouver, B.C., and Baja California (Mexico). Because of the more restrictive (and sometimes frustrating) review process in the States, the treatment has only been available through clinical trials.  The cell therapy complies with the strict European Union guidelines and has presented no adverse side effects in its use.  

Health & Beauty Therapies Available in the U.S.  

There are stem therapies that are available in the U.S., such as Regenokine Injection System and LAVIV™.  Regenokine is a cell-repair procedure that counts Kobe Bryant, Nick Nolte and a Saudi Prince as patients who have benefitted from it.  Founded by orthopedic surgeon Peter Wehling in Dusseldorf, Germany (Germany is apparently the Mecca for stem-cell therapy), the new treatment boosts the body's cell-repair system to literally make pain go away, particularly arthritis.

Patients have reported 90 percent improvement from the treatment, which uses a small amount of the patient's own blood that has been extracted, incubated, frozen, and re-injected over a series of appointments. An interesting byproduct of the treatment's anti-inflammatory properties is its ability to reduce wrinkles, which could lead to its application in cosmetic medicine.

Stem Cell Therapy is also making inroads into in the world of beauty as a dermal filler. Products like LAVIV™ are being used for the same purposes as Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and other fillers to smooth wrinkles and improve skin texture. LAVIV™ is the first and personalized stem cell therapy that is FDA-approved to improve the look of wrinkles and smile lines.

 The LAVIV™ treatment uses tens of millions of collagen-producing fibroblasts that are extracted and cultivated from your own skin.  Your doctor takes small samples from behind the ear, where the most collagen fibroblasts are produced in humans.

 After the extraction, your physician sends the samples to Fibrocell Science's manufacturing facility located in Exton, Pa., where it is expanded into millions of new fibroblast cells.  All of your cells are cryopreserved (frozen).  Those that are not immediately used are stored at the manufacturing facility for future use.  Your fibroblast cell therapy will be ready and sent back to your doctor's office in about three months ready for injection.

 On your next appointment, your doctor will inject your own cells into your wrinkles and "smile lines" over the course of three sessions spaced three to six weeks apart. The cost varies, but ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 to create the personalized cell bank, and $300 to $500 for each of the three sessions.    This therapy can also be used for acne scarring, burn scarring vocal cord scarring and periodontal disease when fibroblasts from the vocal cords or gums are cultured.

 LAVIV™ is now available in major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S., exclusively through board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons who have been trained by Fibrocell Science, Inc.  

Nothing New  

The practice of Cell Therapy is nothing new. In one form or another, it has existed since the 1930s for managing diseases such as arthritis and liver disease.  

"Cell therapy is a natural product, not a drug, and requires no immuno-suppressant drugs because it is antigen free," Dr.  Friedrichson says. "It's the safe, right course of action for many patients, including children, who want a better quality of life than their disease is currently letting them have."  

For more information about ProgGenaCell, visit their website at  To find out where you can benefit from Regenokine therapy in the U.S., visit For a list of physicians trained and certified in LAVIV™, go to

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