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By Anita Briggs, DCEd, MSc, DAc, RET.

Most people believe in a world of limited resources in which money represents a mixed bag of energy. We all love money, yet we feel that somehow it is tainted so long as there is such inequity in the world. For how can we morally allow ourselves great wealth and enjoy things that might deplete the earth's resources, when others are suffering and the state of the planet is tenuous? But the belief in any kind of limitation is constraining, and fetters us to illusion that engenders varying degrees of pain and fear. The truth is that we are infinite consciousness with infinite power and creative potential.

We create a world of limited resources when we '_take thought for how things will come to us_", and partake of competitiveness, greed, fear, and envy, which incites conduct that is inequitable and does not uphold fair exchange and the good of all.  

Money is potential—it is not immoral in any sense—even lots of it—, but rather it is the inequitable exchange and acquisition of money that creates its aura of immorality and perpetuates limitation and the so-called 'evil' of the illusory world.  

By our dealings with others, we determine the world we choose to live in and the very supply we choose to draw our wealth from. In competitiveness, we draw from a limited supply and may well take away from others. But when we choose to uphold the good of all in all our dealings, the supply we draw upon is spiritual potential and the infinite creative substance that underlies the entire manifested world. We draw from this unlimited source from within, and it flows through our being into our outer life.

In this reality, there are no limits to what may be available to us, and our wealth grows in proportion as we realize that God is our Supply.  This is how we "_lay up our treasures in Heaven_", which has nothing to do with denying the good that life has to offer on earth, but rather relates to the process of spiritualizing wealth.  

Prosperity thus achieved is no longer temporal, because it is a state of consciousness.  In this paradigm, *money is a power and means to do good in the world; it is God's flow of support for you to prosper and thrive according to your deepest desires*. Through resources—physical and spiritual—, you realize your God-given ability and right to help yourself and others. When you view money as simply another important resources with which to fully explore and express your potential, and thereby expand creation and support others to do likewise, you can begin to heal your relationship to it. God desires for you to thrive fully and experience life as the grandest of gifts!  And this is not easily possible when you are concerned about daily needs or limited in any manner by a lack of resources.

An important shift in how we view money comes when we shift how we use money. When we lack money we use it in an attempt to fill our neediness expressed in our lack—we may buy on credit, further placing us in a negative relationship with money.  We may have beliefs that money should not be important in life and that it does not lead to happiness. But the fact is that *money is very important in the areas in which it works*. Just as love is very important in the area of relationships, money is very important in the area of meeting basic needs and in opportunity and freedom to explore and do what is meaningful to us and loved ones in our care.

The key to deep transformation is to understand your true nature and purpose in creation, and align with the truth of your being—you are here to co-create and express the self according to your soul's desires. When you know your nature and your role in creation, you will begin to feel greater command over life and the supply from within.  Your visible wealth is proportionate to your realization that God is your Supply of wealth. When you shift into this realization, you will see money as the means to do good.  Align yourself with goodness and love of goodness, start thinking of ways to prosper and thrive that are aligned to your deepest soul desires, and you will be open to receiving wealth from that infinite fount of abundance within. Think, feel, and act according to these desires and imagine yourself fully comfortable with this new system of money, whereby you utilize it for your highest good (and thus the highest good of all) and as you prosper and thrive, all those around you are also benefited.  

The following is a vibrationally encoded image created by one of the co-developers of the Inner Mastery Tools, which contains healing frequencies that will assist you in clearing all negative associations with money and cultivatig a positve and ‘magnetic’ one that will attract money more easily into your life.  Details on how to find out more about how vibrationally-encoded images work appears below.  

The clearing frequencies begin to work in you as soon as you look at the image. A few minutes a day for a few days (minimum 3) is sufficient, followed by frequent glances. Then glance at it for the next 21 days, and you will be shifted energetically as you integrate the coding in the image.


Trigger Affirmations

The following trigger affirmations will activate the Affirmation Enhancer Tool [Link Removed] order to better understand the power of this unique Inner Mastery Tool.  

The first affirmation, which appears in boldface type, is an enhanced trigger affirmation that has linked to it the frequencies of the vibrational image corresponding to this activation. This enables you to conveniently integrate the frequencies of the image via a statement, in addition to looking at the image. Note that you do not have to have the AET for these affirmations to activate the Tool for you.  

*Money is God's flow of support for me to thrive and prosper from the love that I am*.

Money is a power and means to do good in the world.

God is my supply of wealth; what I am seeking is already established within me.

I take no thought for how things will come to me; my role is to envision and take action at every available opportunity that comes to me.

In measure that I recognize God as my supply of wealth does my visible supply increase!

I welcome and am grateful for infinite flows of wealth into my life.

As I prosper and thrive in my life, the whole world benefits.

My motivation for wealth determines whether I partner with God in creation; I am choosing to create from the love that I am and welcome great resources to support me in wonderful creations.

In measure that I open to the many blessings that are mine for the asking, my sphere of influence increases to bless others.

  •   *   *   *   *

This article was extracted from the Prosperity Codes I Audio Activation package, which is an activation-packed program designed to support you toward embodying principles of wealth and prosperity consciousness. In particular, the audio activations will shift your relationship to money, prosperity, and wealth, and align you more deeply with your full potential so that your means of wealth generation is fully expressive of your true nature. In alignment, you are in harmony with the divine universal laws of creation and thereby open to receive more richly and with greater ease and grace. You may read more about it on the Inner Mastery Tools [Link Removed] (click on Prosperity Codes Activations on the left hand side). To find out about vibrationally-encoded image, click on the link provided from the Prosperity Codes page.

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