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I read this today and wow, does it speak to me and so many out there. Please take a moment to read - it is powerful!  

A bit about the author: Steve Taubman continues to seek ways of blending his passion for inspiring, educating, and entertaining people with his eclectic background as a healer, magician, hypnotist, and author. In his spare time, Steve loves to ski, hike, and fly his private plane over his beautiful home state of Vermont.  

Steve states: A major component to health is our ability to manage stress; stress caused by worry, fears or unresolved conflict. In fact, the greatest amount of stress we experience in business and in life comes, not from the actual circumstances we‘re facing but from our interpretation of those circumstances. Most of the things that trouble us and effect our performance are internal misrepresentations of reality. Even though we‘re “Modern Man” we still operate with the wiring of prehistoric Neanderthals. We experience “fight or flight” responses whenever we perceive danger. But the saber tooth tiger that used to be a legitimate cause for alarm has since been replaced by the sneering look of a coworker, the lack of recognition from a boss or the rejection of a lover. None of those things will actually kill us, but our bodies respond as if they will.  

We are, in fact, programmed in such a way that our nervous systems don’t know the difference between real danger and very survivable occurrences.  

Over time, our adrenal glands, the seat of our stress responses, become overwhelmed and exhausted, and we begin to show signs of chronic illness. We lose our vitality and stop producing good results. Or we lose the joy that comes from a job well done. We become like robots, automatically doing what we feel we must, but with no real pleasure or happiness. To beat this unfortunate situation, we must learn to reprogram our minds; to recognize that, even though it may feel very real, 90% of the stimuli that cause our stress is survivable. We need to stop and gain perspective so we‘re not taken away by needless worry.  

Here are a few techniques that can help you do that:

1. As soon as you find yourself feeling stressed out, stop what you‘re doing...and thinking...and tune in to your breathing. Become aware of the sensations in your body, and don’t revisit your stressful situation until you’ve calmed down.

2. Make a regular habit of strengthening your ability to live in the moment by meditating, walking in nature, and focusing 100% of your attention on whatever you‘re doing in the moment, even if it’s a mundane activity.

3. Once you’ve been in a stressful situation, don’t keep hammering away at it. Take time afterwards to rest and regroup. That’s what our ancient ancestors did. Your adrenals are made to fight the tiger, but then they need LOTS of rest. If you don’t stop between stressors, you’ll wear them out.  

4. Develop a sense of humor, especially concerning your interactions with others. If you feel “triggered” by someone else’s behavior, the strong need that you feel to resolve it may take away your sense of humor and your perspective. But when you stop and realize that there’s no real danger, you might be able to deal with the situation in a much more lighthearted way. And that will always produce better results!  

5. Don’t forget that you‘re not just a head. You have a body. Treat it well! Exercise, eat well, drink lots of water, and maintain proper alignment. Stress is a physical, not just a psychological, problem. Treat it at the level of the physical, or you’ll never get beyond it!  

6. Try mind control techniques like hypnosis or NLP that teach you to reframe your disempowering belief systems. Realize that if you‘re operating from a negative set of beliefs, you‘re much more likely to end up feeling frustrated and stressed out. In fact, if you‘re experiencing anything more than very occasional stress, you can be sure that you don’t have empowering beliefs running your mind.  

7. Never hold on to resentment or anger. If you have something to say to someone, make sure it gets said. But first learn to communicate from a place of personal responsibility. If you know how to make your points without making someone else wrong, you’ll be able to resolve most if not all of your conflicts and you’ll never feel repressed; one of the primary causes of stress.


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