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"I am woman, hear me roar!" Wasn't that the line from her famous song, "I Am Woman"?

When we were putting together A Women’s Place, that line kept coming to mind. In fact I thought about having it play on the site when women landed on the homepage - but then thought it a little silly.

I'm not a traditional 'libber' or 'feminist'. But I do believe that what women have to offer the world has been
lost over many millenia - for a number of varying reasons which I will not get into here!

For years, as women, we've been a 'voice crying in the wilderness' - so to speak. It's as if no one heard us or
listened to what we have to say. And yet, women bring to the world messages that desperately need to be heard!

I'm not suggesting that we need to ROAR in such a way as to offend or cause others to turn a 'deaf' ear. But I do strongly believe we need to 'make a noise', so as to be heard.

I feel strongly that we have so much to offer that we need to 'be a voice' and 'make a noise' that speaks to the
marketplace in ways that make a significant difference - wherever we are in the marketplace!

There's a reason it was not good for man to be alone! There's a reason that the feminine was made into a separate creature called "woman". What is it that we bring to the world that the masculine doesn't have to give - or at least doesn't have significantly in the same ways as woman?

Our intuition is invaluable in tough situations that require (what I call) going beneath the surface! Our desire to nurture brings a soft strength to situations that require tenderness, compassion and courage. Our 'in touch with our spiritual side' takes the edge off all that is overly practical, pragmatic and absurdly realistic.

Can you imagine life without the sense of awe that erupts from our spiritual nature when we least expect such an event? Women have an innate capacity to recognize those moments that men fail to recognize or comprehend.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love the male. I have wonderful male friends who delight me at every turn (hey, I may be 'chronologically maturing, but I 'ain't dead yet!). However, I've seen the look on their faces when I've shared a viewpoint about some at-hand matter. A viewpoint that is totally different than theirs and a wee bit outside the realm of their understanding. 'Huh' - you know, that look!

What I'm starting to notice is as we move through the journey of life's 2nd half and grow more [chronologically] mature - our voice takes on an importance it didn't have before! Now maybe that's because of our changed perspectives, life interests and awareness. And maybe it's because our society has suddenly awakened to the 'power of the boomers'. I don't know!

I just know that something is different and women in general, but especially those of us with a little 'silver
among the gold' have gained some notice - some stature - and a voice that gets heard!

Here's the discouraging note in all this. Many women, especially women in our age range, are still relatively
silent. Silent perhaps because we've been 'conditioned' to silence. Many women have been silenced by years of
abuse - verbal, sexual, physical. Others have learned silence because to speak was not the way to gain what
they desired from the marketplace or in life.

Well, I'm hear to tell you - It's TIME to ROAR! At least - to make a noise!

A 'joyful noise'; a sweet courageous sound that echoes in the chambers of institutions, corporations, businesses, governments, arts and entertainment, media - where all the world's power seems to abide.

We are women who have what it takes to be significant. To make positive change! To effect the rise of women from oppressive environments - regardless of where that oppression resides.

We don't have to overturn the tables or pull on hipboots or even carry a big stick!  We don't have to be pompous or arrogant, rude or dishonest in order to be a powerful force wherever we find ourselves and 'plant our seed'.

But we do have to learn how to speak. To speak with power. With authority. With strength. With courage! And
we have to rise above fear of intimidation, lack of confidence, doubt or reprisal. We have to step up to the
world's podums and give voice to the important messages we have to share. Messages we must share! Some of you reading this may be thinking, "that's all well and good for Linda to say". Or "easier said than done".

And you're right. It is easier said than done.

And yet many of us (myself included) haven't yet begun the 'said' - let alone the 'done'.
There's power, strength, courage in numbers! All of us who are a part of Affiliated Women & our Connection Station, and those who continue to come in the future can take heart that together we can speak with one voice. And as we do, each individual voice gains.

Not that we all think alike or have the same life perspectives - but that we have a common interest in
promoting what together we know women in mid-life need to hear; need to have; need to know and need to do!

I think I'll explore some of the ways we can give voice to our voices - regardless of where we are now on life's path.

For now . . . "We are Women, Let Us Roar!"

Have an AWESOME day!

Linda, a fellow journeyer


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