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Appreciation is the secret to life. - Abraham Hicks

I could just stop there and post my all time shortest entry, but I will reflect a bit.  If appreciation is so powerful and so accessible, then why are so many people whining about their circumstances?  Why don't people work at strengthening their appreciation muscles?

No matter what is happening, there is some one else who has it a little bit worse than you.  You know that is true.  If you are like me, though, sometimes appreciation is the hardest thing to find.  I hate going through crud.  You know CRUD:  Challenges-Reversals-Uprootings-Downsizings.  CRUD always sucks.

Unexpected bills, car problems, root canals, lay offs, dog pooping in the house, Days of Our Lives pre-empted by a sports event.  CRUD can sneak up on a person at any time and if you are not careful, DEpreciation is waiting to grab you. Depreciation means loss of value.  If you are in the center of your circumstances and you are not appreciating, no wonder your self esteem suffers.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an app for the I Phone for appreciation.  Whenever you are feeling pressured or overwhelmed, there's an app for that.  Just click the button and choose something to appreciate from the options that pop on the screen.  Here are some examples:

1.  Take a breath. If you work with me at all, you know I am always asking my clients to take a breath.  The air we breathe is an instant and constant reminder of the abundance that surrounds us.  There is always enough air to breathe.

2. What part of your body feels good today? I wish I would have known to appreciate my sweatless body before hot flashes started a few years ago.  All those nights I slept without waking up in a pool of sweat....ah the good old days!  While you may have a health challenge right now, there is at least one part of your body that is thriving, even if it is the hair that refuses to stop growing out of your chin.

3. What can you imagine for yourself today? Your imagination is truly the gift that keeps on giving.  I adore my various guided meditation cds.  I have a grand collection including work by Kelly Howell, Wendi Friesen, Orin and Daben, Jose Silva and Paul Scheele, among others.  Your imagination is always available to you and you can see your life through a completely different lens if you practice.

4. Who needs encouraging today? As you go through your day, watch people's faces.  See if you can pick up sadness or overwhelm in a passer by.  Send them love and appreciation.  Imagine you have a laser pointer and you are shining a beam of love into their heart.  It feels great to lift someone's spirits this way.  Take it one step further and you will be surprised how many people will accept a hug if you offer.

5. Redefine your separateness from your family. I know lonliness is a big problem when you are practicing appreciation.  Hard to be thankful for an empty apartment.  BUT!  It is true that the very people you are lonely for can be a royal pain in the patootie!  There is a blessing in distance and the quiet of your home can be a sweet respite for you.  Get some fresh flowers and throw open your windows.  Celebrate your space and your distance and the fact that you can fill you environment with the things you love!

Abraham Hicks promises over and again that Appreciation fuels the juice of life. I agree!  Appreciation puts me into a calm mindset because I can't think of a problem at the same time I am appreciating.  One time when I was in the midst of a major challenge, I can remember thanking my big toe for being an integral part of my life.  Makes me smile again just thinking about it!

Next time you are overwhelmed, remember, there is an app(reciation) for that!


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