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They say, "He's just not that into you," but is she really into him or chasing the fantasy of meeting Prince Charming? If we stop for a minute and realize where the man/woman thing begins, we can take it back to childhood and the books that were read to us. Cinderella comes to mind first, the girl that needs to be rescued from her evil stepmother and sisters, granted an evening as a princess, and finds the prince-only to have to leave him or face the shame of who she really is, and then the rescue brings the happily ever after ending after searching for the woman that he fell in love with at first sight. Key words here are rescued, princess, prince, shame, love at first sight, searching, happily ever after – Not so good for the reality of how relationships begin and end. The pressure put on men and women about dating, love, commitment and what is ok to do is a never ending, damaging game that forces men and women to constantly be at odds with what is the right way to get, have and keep a romance going.
After reading the book, soon to be movie, "He's Just Not That Into You," written by predominetely a man and co-authored by a woman, I am left in somewhat of amazement at how many times the men I dated were apparently "not into me.” But we had a realtionship? A real eye opener, however, do 100 men polled really speak for all the millions of men out there? Is there no exception to the rule of busy = asshole? Or if he's not wanting to sleep with you he's not into you? What happened to the day of the gentleman, or the guy that might want to wait to see if there is a mutual attraction? Are all men really DOGS? I don't believe so. Don't get me wrong – I do believe that busy can be a word that is used way too much for both men and women. But does every man that uses busy really use it as an escape from a woman? Just how much leeway can or should we give that guy we just met? Afterall, we just met him? What is the protocal for new dating? Is it ok to call her or do you make he wait and wonder so you gain control? Why the game? Why do we make it harder than it already is to meet each other and maybe fall in love? So, calling all the men on this site - tell me your answers to the few questions I ask:
1) If you are a normal guy, you are all over the girl wanting to have sex from the time you are attracted to her. If you don’t attack her - “You are just not that into her?”
2) You use the word BUSY as a way out of having to call her or make plans - because busy is an easy way out of having to tell the girl, look I am just not that into you. BUSY OR TELL HER THE TRUTH??
3) Is there a minimum timeframe to call the girl and let her know how much you enjoyed her company? If you did hang out a bit and seemed to enjoy her do you let her know that? And if you don’t does that mean You are just not into her?  

Lets see what we get - please note I may use your answers in a future book I am writing in rebuttle to HE‘S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. I can’t wait to see what I get!! THANKS


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