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Love it

Okay, so he is our President but that still doesn't give Barrack Obama the right to smack around the citizens of this country. How dare he! Just what did he think he accomplished with all those snide remarks directed at those who oppose his health care bill?

The health care reform bill is a terrible piece of legislation. The cost of this abomination is astronomical and unsustainable. Each day the CBO changes its estimate of what the bill will cost and just yesterday added another 1.5 trillion to our national debt because of this thing. Worse than that, it doesn't even do what the President touts. But Obama continues to spout off about how wonderful this thing is.  He doesn't even know that what he espouses isn't even in the bill. It appears that our President hasn't taken the time to read the damned thing either. Just what, then, is this new bill all about?

To begin, it is a dictatorial edict that every citizen purchase health care coverage. If some cannot afford it, Big Brother dictates that the rest of us pick up the tab. And if any one of us chooses to ignore this directive, Big Brother will sic the IRS on us. Welcome to Orwell's 1984, America.

It is also said that this bill will significantly reduce health care costs over time. My question then is, "Is that before or after the insurance companies raise their rates to compensate for the now forced coverage of pre-existing conditions and the elimination of coverage caps?" If we are to lower costs, I believe that people in either category should be helped by a special fund set aside specifically for this purpose alone and not be included in the general insurance pool. That would reduce insurance costs for the rest of us and would cost a great deal less than this bill.

And what ever happened to the doctor fix provision and medical training compensation that were supposed to be included in this bill? Does this President really expect anyone to spend upwards of eight additional years in training and go into debt to the tune of close to $75,000 to join a profession that is unprofitable? This bill totally ignores the doctor's plight. In many cases, doctors today find themselves in exactly that situation. Just ask the small town General Practitioners or the remote city Oncologists if their practice has seen a profit lately. Their answer will in all probability be a resounding "NO."

The very worst part about this bill, as I see it, is the degradation of free will. Because of this imposition on our freedom, it is no longer admirable to work and prosper. Anyone who does will be penalized. You see, if you and your spouse start an enterprise, and that enterprise is successful, there will be additional taxes, assessments and other charges levied against your income just because you married and you were industrious, lived the "American Dream" and were successful.

So, America, just how does that grab you? Just where is the equity in that? In this country every individual has always had the choice to learn, strive, and achieve greatness or be a societal parasite that stagnates and feeds off those around them.  The impetus has always been there and the opportunity there for the taking. Just ask Barrack Obama. Without the aspirations generated by the ideals encouraged by the "American Dream" he would never have become who he is today.  I find it ironic that now he wants to rob our progeny of this same dream.

We cannot allow that to happen. We must fight this regression to a nanny state until our dying breath. We must join together and regain our spirit and start living as though we are proud to be Americans. I learned long ago that I am AmeriCAN not AmeriCAN'T. We CAN do it. We can take back our country and re-institute the principals on which this country was founded. But we must begin first by electing members of Congress who have demonstrated that they believe what we believe, see what we see, and especially, want what we want. That's what I want for my country. How about you?  

Love it

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