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Love it

Ladies it does not have to be all down hill just because we have reached or gone beyond 40. The 40’s, 50’s and beyond can be a fabulous and beautiful time in our lives.

First, we must realize that beauty begins within. I have seen many older ladies who just absolutely radiate beauty. That beauty starts within and radiates to all areas of their life. .

Be Gentle on Your Skin:

As we age, it becomes more and more important to take care of our skin. Hopefully this is something that most of us have started years ago. How we have cared for our skin in the past will effect how our skin looks today

It is important to be gentle with your skin. The skin is very delicate and over time, it shows signs of how well we have taken care of it. Likewise, if we abuse our skin it will show up. Most often, the skin will become dryer as we age. Therefore, it is important to be cautious of products we use on our skin. It is of utmost importance to add moisture, not oil but moisture to our skin.

Don’t Over Wash Your Face:

Most of the time people tell us we must wash our faces twice daily. I beg to differ with this assumption. Honestly, I feel that beauty professionals tell us this because it will cause us to use twice the product. I wash my face with a cleansing product only if I have worn makeup. Otherwise, if I have worn no makeup I only use a damp washcloth to wash my face.

I never wash my face in the morning it’s not dirty. I washed it and went to sleep so there shouldn’t be any reason to use a product to cleanse my face. I simply apply Witch Hazel on a cotton ball and use that to remove anything that may have settled on my skin overnight. Witch Hazel is an astringent that gently cleanses the skin without causing dryness.

My skin is very clear and healthy and I have no apprehension of going out without makeup if need be. Although like most women, I do prefer to apply a little makeup or powder before leaving the house.

Invest In a Good Pillow Case:

Cotton pillow cases wrinkle, which could cause the face to look older. You know those dreaded creases that show up in the morning and last for hours. These creases can be avoided my replacing those old cotton pillowcases with silk or satin. Silk and satin ten to be slicker, which will move with you instead of wrinkling.

Don’t Concentrate on Flaws:

We all have flaws but not everyone concentrates on those flaws. Most people will not even notice those flawsif we don’t draw attention to them. Sure maybe your mid section is larger than you would like. Make a decision to dress in a way that draws the attention away from that area. It is also important to develop a plan to do something about that area. Just because we are getting older does not mean we have to spread out.

For cosmetic flaws remember a light touch and a little help will make a world of difference. Concealed applied heavily will draw extra attention to what we wish to hide. A light touch and a little concealer is all that is needed to hide those flaws and camouflage those dark circles.

Evaluate Your Clothing Choices:

This is very important and not that is easy for most of us. Most women get stuck in a clothing rut many times in our lives. Those ruts are easy to fall into but hard to climb out of.

Many times a simple change in color can make us look older or younger. It is a wise idea to take a variety of colors and hold them in front of you one at a time. A color that looked great years ago may not look as good as we get older. I have noticed that deeper/brighter colors are much better on me now, whereas lighter, muted colors seem to drag me down.

Try to avoid anything that is too trendy. As dressing too trendy may make a woman look as if she is trying to look younger. The key is to actually look younger not look like your trying. Classic styles will generally do this best. If possible, avoid dresses and skirts that are knee length. As we age, our knees tend to look different. It is best to wear dresses and skirts that are a little longer than knee length or even a tiny bit above the knee. Never right at the knee unless you have attractive knees. Most women do not look good in a dress or skirt that hits right at the knee.

Don’t Make Drastic Changes:

Many times women feel as though they must make drastic changes just because they have reached a certain age. This will often make a woman look even older. Small changes can do wonders.

I have seen women cut their hair really short just because they think women their age should. This is not always true. Be sure the changes you make are appropriate for you. If it’s not the best choice for your features it could make you look older which defeats the purpose.

Make Healthy Changes:

If you have not started now is the time to start working out and eating right. While it may be harder to get fit and lose weight now than it was in our 20’s it is not impossible. It is never too late to improve our health, size and fitness level.

As always, small changes make a big difference. This is extremely true when dealing with diet and exercise. Make small changes at a time and gradually work your way to where you wish to be.

Enjoy Life:

Life is only what you make it. Take the time to really enjoy each day. Cherish those you love and don’t let the little things get you down.

Love it

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