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*Things You Will Need:*  

Your Own Intuition
You being honest with yourself.
Strength to move on if needed.
Pen and Pad to write down new goals for your life. You should always have a vision for yourself.  

 Step 1 Ladies do you have to hunt your man down or is he on the hunt for you?
If you have to hunt him down than you have switched roles. Men are hunters by nature. They hunt for everything, including women. However if they are not hunting after you in full force. You need to change your behavior or move on. You are just a side bar, you’ve also been easy to get so the game is over.

Step 2  If a guy says to you, "I have no plans or vision for us." Such as the guy stated on 'Orange County House Wives reality show.' Get going quickly because a man always have a plan for the woman he wants to be, except for those he can't see himself having a future with. You are just another hit it and leave it for him. Stop waiting or wishing for him to fall for you or grow to love you. When a man loves a woman he wants everyone to know it. Its evidence in his behavior.

Step 3  If a guy hangs out with his friends, family and his buddy or even women who are his friends more than you and don't invite you to be apart. He is truly not that interested in you. He is with you for sexual reasons more so. You may get the late night call (Booty Call) or every time you get together it tends to be very private settings. Most visits are at your private home or a place where no one he knows have a relationship with him or you for the most part. Ladies men have the art down of how to get free sex with no commitment down. He may even put you up for a while, but that does not mean he wants to marry you or, have a life with you. It's called an "Arrangement." That one word sends out a clear signal in the world of men. Everyone of them know exactly what that means. We as women have given that kind of power to men as a whole. Women think there is not enough of them to go around. So we act desperate or we think our age prevents the right one from coming across our path. In reality there are more than enough men to go around. You just have to open up your mind to possibly dating outside your community or even your race. Be open to being with a wonderful MAN. There are great men out there, but you have to be a great catch too!

Step 4 Do you have to beg him to spend time with you?
The reality is a man who is head over hills for you is looking for ways to spend time with you. He’ll cut out everyone and rearrange his life to fit you in. You will be apart of his world once he is smitten.

Step 5 Can't get him to propose?
I was proposed to four times by four different men and not all of them where of the same race. I knew the secret to putting myself in the position to be proposed to. I wanted the power to choose so I studied how men acted around women they wanted and how they acted around women they did not want. What was working in favor of a woman and what was not working. You want to be in the position to choose.
Number #1 Don’t Give Up The Booty, for those who chose to have sex they do it Right Way. That’s the only secret I’ll share right now, but there are more secrets to that topic.
If you want to know how to get men to propose to you I’ll have to write another article on that. I usually hold private meetings about that kind of stuff because that’s a real treasure.

The reality is women, men want to discover you, but you have to play what I call “The Mystery Woman Game,” to keep them interested.  

If you’d like to peek into some of that, write me and I’ll tell you how to get an autograph copy of my book, “Romantic Interludes.”
Until then...
Live A Phenomenal Life!


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