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Love it

Hello all my Fabbies,

First I want to apologize.  I have not been able to engage with you all in the way I truly want to.  I am still holding down a full time job with my logistic business while trying to build my Max business.  It is difficult to find the time each day to do everything in the way I want to do it and as a result my ability to know each of you the way I want to has been impacted.  I am going to try to do better!!


As you may have read recently, Max International launched 2 new products on June 26th.  One is a reformulation of our vitamin mineral supplement Max N-Fuse and the other is a CLEAN ENERGY shot- Max ATP.

As I’m sure you know, energy products accounted for $9 billion last year.  However, “energy” is a term used loosely in marketing.  Energy drinks/products “GAME” the body (stimulating the sympathetic nervous system) via caffeine & stimulants – it creates a SPIKE feeling & people wrongly associate that with true "ENERGY" .... and then pay the price later when they crash.  That’s JUNK ENERGY – FACT:  30 minutes after consuming a SUGAR free energy drink, if you were to draw your blood, you would have the blood profile of a cardiac arrest patient.  It dumps sugar & ultimately creates sticky proteins.  GOOGLE Red Bull - it even makes this statement in Wikipedia


MaxATP creates just that......ATP - (REAL energy).... inside the cell, then cleans up after itself – neutralizing free radicals created in the production of ATP - this is a HEALTHY clean cellular energy product

 Powered by RiboCeine – the patented and peer reviewed compound created by Dr. Nagasawa  

RiboCeine gets Ribose & Cystein in the cell - Ribose gets this through the digestive tract & into the cell, the Ribose is used in ATP production  / Cystein creates Glutathione to clean up the mess left after producing the ATP.

Our key ingredient, RiboCeine, is manufactured in a pharmaceutical plant.

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Guy’s there are some great companies out there offering many products to support the body.  I commend all of them for their efforts and contributions.  The reason I am over the moon is because Max has created something entirely new- something revolutionary, something that is creating an entire new category in health and wellness.  

The simplest way I can explain- there are many ways to support the body externally- With external antioxidants.  There is one way to support the body internally and it is brought and entrusted to ME by Max International.  

In the short time I have been a part of the Max team, I have affected lives of others.  I have seen our Fab Friend Cristina Corral get relief from chronic back pain, I have people with arthritis,Autism , ADHD, Parkinsons, depression, shingles, neuropathy, cardiac concerns,excema, diabetes,  and dementia whose quality of life has been improved by Max products.  I have helped people suffering financially have hope again for their future.

So how does Max accomplish all this- well I am not a scientist or a doctor.  The best way I can explain it is that if your cell is weak, inflamed or vulnerable to attack by oxidative damage and free radicals external anti-oxidants can only be expected to do so much.  BUT if the cell is healthy and protected from the inside, if the cell is able to export the toxins we are all exposed to?  Well, you see the myriad of possibilities?

As a company with nutritional products I can not portray that any of our products treat, prevent or cure any disease.  What I can do is offer you the opportunity to hear and understand the science and significance of what Max does in the body and you can draw your own conclusion.

Ladies, the products I have in my hands could have easily been sold to a pharmaceutical company. It was the mission of Dr. Robert Keller and Dr. Herbert Nagasawa to get their life’s culmination of work out to the WORLD and that was not going to be accomplished in any other way than direct marketing.

A few  days ago, June 23rd, Dr. Nagasawa, Max International Chief Scientist was honored by the National Institute of Health - Homeland Security Annual Counter Measures Against Chemical Threats Symposium – Dr. Nagasawa presented his 3 minute cyanide antidote discovery for the Department of Defense.

 After 9/11 a call went out to all scientists across America to come up with a 3 minute cyanide antidote - Nagasawa did it.  He missed our product launch of this new product to attend this NIH meeting.

I am honored, I am blessed, I am “OVER THE MOON” because my life will continue to be fulfilled as I am able to profoundly impact the lives of so many.  Praise to God for putting me in the right place at the right time.

I would be honored to speak with any of you who would like to learn more about these amazing products and/or this amazing business opportunity.

Dana Cappelletti
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Dana11, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

Love it

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