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Soon, you won’t have to associate me with a sow (momma pig for you city slickers).
I now have my new Sony DSCH50 Cybershot camera. Hopefully the learning curve won’t be too bad since it is replacing the oldest most antiquated Cybershot Dinosaur we’ve had since the beginning of the digital camera era. It looks like it might be just a weensey bit more complicated. I think electronics and computer related technology is the only area that hasn’t been negativey affected by inflation. I got twice the camera for half the price we paid over 10 years ago! I actually got a pretty sweet deal. Best Buy has a price matching policy (sort of.) I say ‘sort of’ because they can denounce the policy if the price happens to be lower than they claim their cost is. Dell was running a special which was $80 lower than their price on the camera I bought. Originally I was looking at the mid-range Cybershot, but I got the top of the line model for $20 more. The list prices are a $100 difference. They told me they couldn’t match that price, but when I told him I was going to buy accessories (which I had to have anyway) they gave me the ‘lower than cost’ price. That was icing on the cake!
I’d play with it and upload a new pic tonight, but the battery has to charge.  

If there are any photographers reading this, I’d love some input. It came with a lens hood which looks like an adapter of sorts for attaching additional lenses. Would it be beneficial to attach it if you didn’t have an additional lens? I am also wondering if I got duped because I bought a UV filter, but it doesn’t look like I can screw it on to the lens. I was really hoping to use it in Cancun to get more vibrant color, but I don’t see any way of attaching it. Once the battery is charged, I’ll extend the lens and see if I am missing something.


Member Comments

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      Cynthia Schmidt wrote Nov 1, 2008
    • Congratulations on the new camera! Just in time for your Mexico vacation. Can’t wait to see the photos. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Funny how so many couples have personalities that need so much work!

      Well, my husband just announced that he’s taking the food off the grill then gave a disapproving look toward the dining room. I haven’t set the table.

      Looks like my online fun has come to an end for now!

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Dee Dee Shaw wrote Nov 1, 2008
    • Barely - I put it off until the last minute. I am sure my hubby is wondering if I am ever coming to bed, so I guess I should sign off now too. :)

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      Darla5 wrote Nov 2, 2008
    • Good Morning my new buddy. Just love to see what you have written.

      Here is the list of pictures you must take...

      Picture of DeeDee on bareback...Check

      Picture of DeeDee with her new improved shape. Check, Check

      Picture of DeeDee and hubby. Check

      Picture of DEEDEE by her self with CONFIDENCE... Because DeeDee with confidence IS THE NEW SEXY!!!! CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.

      I hope you have a blast. I am going to miss you on this site... The camera will be fun. I am technology challenged. If I get a phone or camera, I give it to my daughter and in 15 minutes I get the down low on the thing. Thank God for Ashley.

      Hope I can talk to you before you leave.  :)

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      Dee Dee Shaw wrote Nov 2, 2008
    • My oldest is named Ashley! And when she was home, she was my lifeline too. My kids figured out our last camera long before I did... and I have to ask them “what does that icon mean?” (on my phone) I just don’t have the time or patience to sit and study the manuals. I am going to spend my plane time reading tomorrow. :)
      Thanks Darla, you made my day! I am taking my laptop with me, so don’t be surprised if I post those pics before I get back so I can share my fun with my Fab Friends!
      I promise I’ll get back on topic and write more about health after vacation. If you want to see more pics of my family, house, critters, etc. you can dig through the archives at the blog in my signature. There is a link called “Cup of Latte Anyone?” that will take you to another site, and there is a picture album there. I haven’t got any of my old pictures loaded on this laptop, and moving them from one site to another is a pain. Hey, maybe you can even help me sell my house! LOL

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