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Love it

For the past few weeks I hadn’t been feeling well in my physical body, but I would push past my aches and pains, and my sluggish gait and do what I had to do go make the donuts (go to work). On a few of those ocassions my hubby tried to get me to stay home to rest because he knew I wasn’t feeling well, but to no avail, I pushed past him and went to do my job at work. Not really listening to him nor my body all I could see was the faces of my residents when I’m not there. I have been told on so many ocassions that my unit (Memory Care) is NOT the same when I’m not there and it shows when I do go in from an off day, but I’m just dedicated to my little residents.

I know I have to think of me and my health, but I’m not one to just call off, sick or not unless it is so debilitating that I have to. Well on Tuesday while at work I began to feel really bad I was having hot and cold sweats, dizziness and just feeling sluggish, but I made it through my shift. When I got home my hubby was already gone off to work so I thought, so I go in and lay down for about an hour.

I wake up to having this heavy feeling as though something was sitting on my chest and I couldn’t breathe so I got up to go take myself into the E.R and who walks through the door before I could get to the bathroom? My hubby I asked him why wasn’t he at work?, he said “something told me to come home!” Thank you Jesus! I told him I needed to get to the hospital so he took me and after all the tests were ran, they found that I have pneumonia in my left lung which is the same lung my doctor has been watching with a nodule on it. So after hours in the E.R and tests they admitted me in.

My room-mate was an elderly little caucasian woman and she was very weak and frail to look at her. She nodded her head hello as we entered the room she was in the 1st bed I had the window view. She was very quiet, you never knew she was in the room unless she had a vistior or received a phone call. But what did catch my eye on her side of the room was the fact that she kept her TV channel on the hospital’s chapel room she kept that in her view the entire time she was in the room with me I felt comfort in knowing she had faith and was leaning on it. Well on my 2nd day with her, she began to turn in her health I never really heard her speak loudly, but she would make mourning sounds like she was in great pain.

I didn’t know her eliments, but my heart and prayers went out to her. Well on one of the nurses rounds one nurse found her to be looking a little distressed and called out to her, but she couldn’t respond, so she called for more backup and lo’ and behold this woman was literally dying. Before you could blink all sorts of carts, doctors, nurses and trama-team members were in there trying all they could do for this woman to keep her alive.

My hubby and my baby girl was there with me at the time of this event and it was something to hear, because they had pulled the curtains and worked on her endlessly, by me working in the medical field for over 20+ years I know a lot of the terminology and boy oh boy, was she in bad shape.
At one point they brought out the big guns the electric shock paddles, but couldn’t use them because she had a pacemaker. The CPR wasn’t seeming to work, this woman had died once and they got her back, then after a few minutes of her being resuccitated, they lost her again more CPR they got her back again, then again they lost her, but got her back after she was somewhat steady they rushed her to ICU, my poor hubby sat there in tears.

He looked at me and said “see this is why we must live our lives to the fullest you just never know when your time is up!” I so agree, he now has a new outlook on life, just with me being in the hospital scared him, he is so pitful when it comes to sickness and is so lost, he even took out another insurance policy on us lol. How many policies does one need lol, but I totally understand what he is saying, after they got her out of the room and into the ICU two of the nurses came back to the room to apologize for all the trama and noise, we (my family) looked at them and said, “you owe us no apology for doing your job, I commend the entire staff for all you did for that woman, if it were me or one of my loved ones I’d hope for the same quick thinking and actions and would hope that the family with me would also be just as understanding.) They were so over whelmed with our responses and all they could do was smile hugely and say thank you for understanding, that in my opinion is a given, but as for the lady she was doing a bit better, I asked one of the nurses that had worked with her and she told me she was still recovering in ICU.  

I take my hat off to the entire Beaumont (Royal Oak, Michigan) Hospital for making my time there as pleasent and peaceful and I highly recommend their staff and services.

Love it


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