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Why do I love being 50, let me count the ways:

I read in an article that when a woman begins menopause she begins to let out all the rage she might have held in—she just doesn’t care what people think anymore.  This gives me a chance to tell people—leave me the H#$% alone and not feel guilty.

Life takes on new dimensions--you want to shed the old you and begin anew.  I have more goals in this age than I did when I was younger, dumber and confused.  Now I really know what I want--life being shortened has a way of making you focus on what's really  important.

People tend to treat you as if you are extinct but I love to surprise them.  It was once said about me that I was hard to figure out.”  Well, don’t figure me out—that’s what happens to younger women—you just enjoy me.

You’ve reached a zenith in womanhood—you got it going on as some would say at this age—or at least you’d like to believe it.  “You‘re i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t.  You got yo own car, you got yo own house......she’s a bad mamma, etc.  Anything that’s added to your life is the gravy.  You want people and men in your life but they are no longer your life line.  You appreciate their being there and want them to be an integral and central part of what makes you, you but you can survive if you had to.

You‘re ending your menstrual cycle.  Boy this is hallelujah time for me.  I thought I had won the lottery.  I had such severe cramps during the menses that I just wanted it to stop.  I didn’t realize I was replacing it with being hot and bothered and sweaty but I thought to myself it’s better than pain any day and it’s temporary.

You have so much to look forward to—life is still opening up doors as long as you push through peoples perceptions.  In fact, you become adored and to be emulated.  I love sassy, strong women who have a base—their interesting, keep life moving and still make it happen.  I met an 80 year old woman who was looking great, walking great, feeling great and had done some awesome things in her life.  She was a former model (and you could tell), she had raised 3 children who themselves are successful and she was a doctor AND WAS STILL ACTIVE.  I grabbed her and hugged her and said, “I wanna be just like you when I grow up.”  She smiled and said, “you just made my day.”

The bottom line is ladies being 40, 50 and beyond makes you much more appreciative of life and becoming older.  It makes you softer, kinder, gentler, and more loving but with an edge.  

Go Celebrate my Ladies, on becoming YOU and FABULOUS.


Member Comments

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      Encee wrote Nov 23, 2008
    • Renee you speak to my heart, dear lady!!  I LOVE to talk to people who not only defy the age “rules” they don’t even think about them!  

      I am 51, and still get the monthly thing right on time every 28 days.  But, there have been changes going on inside, you know the body chemistry thing at work, and I just FEEL BETTER about pretty much everything.  Most importantly, myself!  I don’t give myself the critical once-over in the mirror when I get dressed to go out anymore...I buy a dress I really like, and feel great about it when I wear it.  Sooooo many women don’t do that!  We get nice things and still hate ourselves in them!  I got to the point where I said “forget that!”  

      My mom is 89, and still vital, God Bless Her!, and the women in my family don’t technically go menopausal until their  60s, about 10 years later than most, but still the “change” occurs in so many other ways that are important!  

      What you say about appreciate life and all the beauty around is so true!  I’ve been in South Florida for 24 years, and have never really appreciated the miracle of the sunsets until recently.  It’s kind of like being a kid at Disney World for the first time and being so blown away by how great it is.  That’s the blessing of being a woman at this point in life.  I say “It’s not getting older - it’s moving forward!”  

      THANK YOU for writing this!  

      BIG Panda Bear Hugs,  


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      Renee Robinson wrote Nov 23, 2008
    • Nancy, thanks for the compliment and thanks for being a lady “who doesn’t just defy the odds, but doesn’t think about them.”  You‘re a woman of valor.  We all need them.........

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