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I was a teenage mother at age 17, and in an abusive relationship. I wanted to go to school to help with our family income, but he did not want any wife of his to go to college. So of course, I didn’t go, but I did file for divorce - moved in with my mother 40 miles away and signed up to go to college.  

I went to college and I received my degree to be a teacher, this had been my goal since I was a little girl. I eventually got married again, I had a small child to care for, and now a college life. I had to take the bus with my child to the daycare then get onto another bus to arrive at the college. Then of course, I had to do the reverse to get back home. This went on for 2 years, I wanted to be a teacher and I was going to do whatever it took to reach my goal.

It took me 7 years to attain my Bachelor Degree in Education with a minor in reading and Specific Learning Disabilities.

I am trying to teach my children that you can do whatever you want, and sometimes you need to make sacrifices to attain that goal.

Now, I am at home on disability due to multiple diagnosis‘.  I am not a teacher, a mentor, or an idividual who contributes to society in any way. I started volunteering at home, I went onto a website I found and I help others from my home when I have enough energy and/or when my pain level is tolerable.    

But, I wanted to be an elementary school teacher and I feel that I am cheated from that dream. I worked so hard to earn that piece of paper and the opportunity to educate children. I also had a dream to be a professor of education.  

I attained that dream, but due to my disability I had to stop teaching elementary and college classes. I am not sure if I will ever teach again, but I do have faith that I will be helping others that need me.  

Before I started getting really sick I signed up at a local college to earn my Doctorate Degree in Education, my ultimate goal, becoming a Professor, was getting closer and closer, and then ...... I became sick.

That is me, I’m sick, but no one can see it. I sure do feel it, I live it on a daily basis, it hurts that others don’t understand. I want to be Michelle, the educator of children and future teachers, but for tsome reason I am a disabled person with a plethera of diseases‘and issues that no one person should have.

I was a teacher, now what am I?tongue out


Member Comments

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      Cynthia Schmidt wrote Apr 12, 2009
    • You are in a stage of healing. I was going to say searching but you‘re not searching, you know what it is that makes your heart glad and that is to be a teacher. Maybe there is still some type of teaching you can do despite the disability, if your pain can be managed. I don’t know anything about this subject but I wonder if there is some type of online tutoring you can do.  

      I hope you will be able to realize your dreams. You’ve been through so much to get where you are today.

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      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Apr 12, 2009
    • You are a teacher but may not be the exact teacher teacher you thought or imagined of.  I know all our talents would not be wasted.  If it is gifted and yet it is not used, it is simply the timing is not right.  

      We all want to contribute to the world, esp. when you are such a loving person.  However, we are called differently - a few do big things in big ways; but majority of us are called to do Big things in little ways.  

      My thoughts are with you.

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      Raquel2526 wrote Apr 12, 2009
    • I’m so sorry...  I am a teacher, too (ESL, elementary level)and this was my first and only profession.  I am in for life because I love it so much and I know we make a difference.

      Of course your other roles in life are important, too.  You are a daughter, friend, mother, sister, neighbor.  And in those roles you are called to teach others about life’s many lessons.

      But the profession of education is highly specialized, and it feels exhilirating and validating to be immersed in the classroom with students.  I get that.  

      Have you thought about the writing and/or research venue?  Would that help you feel more complete?

      Again, I hear you, and I understand.  Hope you feel better!

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      007pouty wrote Apr 12, 2009
    • I too was a teacher Special Education, but due to unfortunate circumnstances, I no longer am able to do what I love.  I feel so useless.  Yes, everyone tells you, your still a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, etc.  But, to me, what defined me was what I did TEACH.  I’ve been fighting for 6 years to find what I can do to change my way of thinking.  

      It sounds like you were more successful than I.  I wish you the best of luck.  And as for your unseen illness, I wish for you more healthy happy feeling good days, than anything else.
      Bless you.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Mshamp wrote Apr 13, 2009
    • Thank you to all of you for the positive comments. It is really hard to feel bad when you are on this site, thank you and bless you all!estatic

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      UK Girl wrote Apr 13, 2009
    • I have thought about this and maybe your looking at it from one angle which is you have to be a teacher in the classroom as in physically be in there – now one thing I have learnt from this site is the high number of people who educate from home (something which is rare in the UK) I'm sure there must be some way you can use your skills with on-line teaching or mentoring other people ......... just a thought honey
      Maybe get in touch with home education companies and you help people that way

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