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This campaign is being identified by the progressive media as "The Clown Car." The front runner is referred to as "Flavor of the Month." No, I'm not talking about a circus worker hawking ice cream. It's the latest description of the process used to select a nominee for the highest office in the land. This cycle centers on the Republican Party in its attempt to unseat the incumbent President Obama, still unopposed by any other Democrat. It has been the stated goal of the Republican Party for the last four years.

The network news and the right media tend to over analyze and seem to often spur the antagonism between the candidates who have no love for each other to begin with. The campaign itself seems impossible to report or cover for the candidates rise and fall like a doomed soufflé. Now, it appears that lacking an electable prospect in the general election, the electorate is holding their nose and turning to Romney. It has become somewhat of a three ring side show. I often wonder what those watching around the world must think. Which brings me to my point . . .

The world unrest, the economy, the debt, poverty, energy programs, the unstable status of nuclear weapons and even the weather are all of critical importance to our own future and the future of the entire globe. I have yet to hear one of these candidates take a firm position on just what they would do to address even one of these challenges. What course they would pursue with vigor. I hear about what they did in the nineties. Or what they didn't do. Or what they can do the day they take office which they legally can't. Personally, I find that all irrelevant to the problems we face now.

In the midst of all the negativity being thrown at each other, the charges against the president run rampant. To hear this bunch talk, President Obama has done absolutely nothing right since being sworn into office. Their concerns center around religious issues such as pro-life and gay rights, neither of which address the major problems we face as a nation. Sure, everyone would like less waste and less bureaucracy in our government, but until we get the money out of politics and stop allowing lobbyists to mingle with politicians inside the hallowed halls of congress we are going to have those problems. Until we have strong and enforced campaign reform, term limits and finance reform, we will have corruption. No one president can change that. It's the Congress that has to change it and they won't cut their own nose off despite their face. The people have to fight in force.

For many, I'm sure that they feel we are back to the voting for the less of two evils. Third parties tend to only fragment the vote with no real chance of success, in itself a shame. Yet at the same time, this may be the most important decision anyone voting in November ever had to make.  

I urge you, especially women, to consider very carefully how your vote may affect you as a woman. The right to life is one thing, to ban birth control is another. Pro-choice is not mandatory. It takes no rights away from you, banning Planned Parenthood does. I'd urge you to research just what Planned Parenthood's programs do, not take a candidate's word for it.

If you are considering voting for a certain person, do check their records! If they were a governor, check their record while executing that office. If a senator or congress person, check their voting record. All this information is freely available online. Then, too, even if you don't particularly care for President Obama, at least check his record to see just what he has done and don't just listen to the charges against him by candidates and Fox News. Notice, too, the times words and charges have had to be eaten like a crow feast.

I'm not happy with everything the President has done or failed to do, but I will say he's had one full plate since the day he took office. Not to mention world disasters and a totally uncooperative congress, oft times from his own party. I understand both right and left have their turns at being mean and insulting, but I don't believe I've ever seen any president as maligned with name calling and charges of being un-American as he has been. In my opinion, I don't think anyone could have done any better under the same circumstances.  

Susan Haley, Author

**Susan Haley is the published author of three books, several articles on networking, an award-winning poet, and an independent contract editor. She also contributes a column to "The Florida Writer" the official magazine of the Florida Writers Association, of which she is Facilitator for the Sarasota County Chapter. The audio version of her novel "Rainy Day People" was recently awarded runner-up Finalist in the 2008 Indie Excellence National Book Awards. She is a contributor to a variety of editorials and excerpts of her work can be found in various E-zines, newsletters, and local papers. Her work can be sampled on

Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Midnightmom wrote Jan 11, 2012
    • Doesn’t it seem like this year politics should not be the same ole same ole? Why can’t they give credit where credit is due? There has been one heck of a lot accomplished this last four years and now things are starting to look up. How about the end of the war in Iraq? Or, there is no more Osama Bin Laden? How about the car industry is alive and thriving again?

      Whoever comes in office this next term is bound to be the head of a government that has more money just because of the end of the Iraqi war. Imagine the money that is Not being spent on the Iraqi war!I think it is high time to look up and stop this foolishness the politicians engage in. There are far too many important things awaiting us.

      There will come a time when some earth event will put them all on the same level we all are on; a place where money and power matters not. . .

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Susan Haley wrote Jan 11, 2012
    • Great point, Midnight. The power of Mama Nature is ultimate to this Planet. The billionaires can be wiped out as fast as us ‘po folks. :)

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