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Wow. Have you ever asked yourself that question....seriously?

So many friends say to me "You are so lucky to work from home!" In fact, I used to say that myself. However, I never sat and contemplated whether or not working from home, owning my own business is REALLY right for me. In fact, I would venture to guess that not many folks have.

So how do you evaluate if working from home, and owning your own business, is the most appropriate choice for you?

If I was actually having this conversation with a friend (one that I really cared about) I would put forth a few nuggets to chew on.

   1. What is the real reason you want to work from home with your own business? Many people think this is the best thing next to sliced bread simply because they think, "I have no boss" and "I get to work my own hours." But is that all there is to it? Personally I have found that no longer am I accountable to a boss, but instead I am now accountable to myself...and my family. This can be a heavy responsibility if you're not mentally prepared for it.

   2. I will only have myself to blame for mistakes. This is true. Are you really ready for that? Ready for the research needed to make the most simple decisions?

   3. Are you willing to work whatever hours needed to accommodate your customers? Even if we try to set particular hours and days of the week for work it doesn't always play out the way we had planned.

These are just a few of the challenges we face as home business owners. Some of which we just simply don't think about when we are considering a home business.

So, you might be I like working from home? Owning my own business?

The answer is a resounding YES! I love it!

As with any -J-O-B – there are drawbacks and benefits. Honestly, I can't imagine going back into the "mainstream" and working for someone else... someone else who benefits greatly from my hard work.

I would love to hear what you think about the subject. If you currently own a home business, do you enjoy it? If you do not, what types of thoughts do you have about working from home?

All the best,



Member Comments

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      Dana Arcuri wrote May 27, 2008
    • My HUGE concern is that gas prices are ASTRONOMICAL and the economy is sluggish so my fear is that my future customers are not looking to make unnecessary trips or purchases.  Honestly, I want to be optimistic, but I am concerned about the timing and the demand when it comes to the possibility of starting a new business.  

      Has your own business slowed down this Spring?  Have the high gas prices and questionable economy affected your candle business in any way?  Do you miss the dependable income that you had with your airline job?  

      Being my own boss and having control over my schedule, are area’s that I do believe would simplify my life.  There is no doubt that there are pro’s and con’s with working outside the home versus inside the home.  

      I have worked both scenario’s in the past.  Right now, with the state of the economy and high gas prices, I have mixed emotions about starting my own business right now.

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      Lori Clark wrote May 27, 2008
    • I completely understand where you are coming from and I too have had similar concerns.  So... I did some homework on the subject, looking specifically at historical data.  Ironically, economic down turns are bad for most people but good for network marketers.  

      Historically speaking, network-marketing companies have flourished during economic downturns.  Len Clements, who is a renowned analyst in the industry, published an article about this very subject.  The full article is here: [Link Removed]
      Clements notes that every recessionary event over the last 50 years has occurred during, or just preceding, every period of substantial network marketing expansion.

      It has always been my belief that even when times are tough financially people will still indulge in some way.  They may forgo the "big ticket" items but still have the desire for pampering themselves somehow.  For example, I would give up my dinners out to buy my favorite lotion.  

      Sometimes it is easy to forget the small considerations when the national economic picture seemingly eclipses our everyday thoughts.  For example, I don't drive much in my business so that saves me on those exorbitant gas prices.  And, if I were still working a 9-5 job my candle business would provide the vehicle to add extra funds to the family budget.

      Personally, my business has not suffered with the economy of late.  In fact, this month is shaping up to top the last two months!  I just landed two fundraisers, one of which came to me, and my phone still rings with people placing orders.  I kid you not; about two hours ago, one of my customers called and wants to buy birthday presents for her neighbor and her aunt.  She will probably end up spending about $50-$60.  

      With the economy the way it is I honestly see our business, and industry, growing if for no other reason than people are always looking for ways to gain more free time and more money.   Like any business, at first it will take a lot of time and energy but will gain momentum.  You only get out of it what you put into it.  But I don't need to tell you that!

      You asked if I ever miss the stability of the airline income.  Absolutely not!  I love the flexibility of being my own boss – taking off during the day whenever I want, for whatever I want.  Not to mention that stable and airlines are contradictory terms.   Frankly, sometimes I do miss the camaraderie of co-workers, but that is when I pick up the phone and call my team partners.

      Your mixed emotions are valid and you should give them credence.  If you really want to start your own business, I recommend that you weigh all the pros and cons and you will know when the time is right...for you.

      [Link Removed] 

      Miabellalori, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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      Dana Arcuri wrote May 28, 2008
    • Thanks for your feedback on my concerns with the economy!  My husband is the one who has been pushing me more to work outside the home because he personally feels that it is more predictable work and dependable income.  Although, I do understand my husbands view point, I am so relieved to read that the economy does not decrease some indulging.  My personal opinion is that every women needs a little relaxation and time for pampering herself.  Not necessarily at a day spa spending a fortune for luxurious massages, pedicures and facials, but rather a “Girls Night Out” (or “IN!“) to socialize, enjoy some snacks, laugh and to have a good time!

      I wish that the Mia Bella sold more bath, body and spa products in addition to the awesome candles because I truly feel a calling for getting into pampering spa retreats for women.  By chance, is Mia Bella planning on adding more bath and body products to the business?  What would be exciting is if the company would match the scent of a candle with the scent of the body wash, scrub and body butter!  Sales would sky rocket!!!  

      How long have you been in this company?  Do you primarily sell candles at home parties or through the website?  What scent is the most popular top seller?  How long did it take you to get your candle business off the ground?  

      Thanks for answering all my questions and being a big help!
      Much success to you and your business!

      God Bless,

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      Lori Clark wrote May 28, 2008
    • Both my husband and I used to feel the same way that more predictable work and dependable income only comes from working outside the home...for someone else.  What is interesting is that both of our viewpoints have changed.  Not just about the stable, dependable income part but probably even more importantly decreased stress, increased happiness and peace.  These are things I did not have when I worked for the airline.  I must say, now I am a much more balanced person - and I’m sure easier to live with! ha!

      It is very possible that Scent Sations will expand the current bath & body line.  Last August we rolled out a fabulous hand and foot lotion.  That lotion took two years to procure.  The company is very particular about the product they produce and promote, so they won’t bring anything on board unless it is quality.  We are young (just six years now) so I think you will see more product line expansion over the just may not happen fast enough for any of us!  One nice thing is that the owners do listen to the distributors in the field, so requests and recommendations are encouraged.

      I have been with the company for over two years now - wow, time flies!
      To be perfectly honest, I don’t do a lot of retailing anymore.  My passion is with team building and helping others to achieve.  I love to brainstorm and work solutions that will help others to propel their businesses.  I know, it sounds cliche, but helping people to help themselves is completely gratifying to me.

      Consistently our top seller, company-wide, is Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper.  Sounds crazy, but it’s a tangerine scent with a twist.

      It’s possible to be in profit immediately.  Getting off the ground is really rather subjective.  I would say that if your business is in profit it is off the ground.  In which case it took me about two months - - and that is because I sat around reading for six weeks before I did anything!  Not something I recommend others do.  In this type of business people don’t really care if you know everything there is to know, as long as you are willing to help them and help find the answers.

      Thank you for your wishes!  And it is my pleasure to share our company and products.  


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      Dana Arcuri wrote May 29, 2008
    • When did Scent Sations become Mia Bella?  I have read about the name Mia Bella being named after the owners daughter and he said that she brings him good luck!  How many individuals do you have on your own personal team, if you don’t mind my asking?  Also, how did you begin building your own team?

      How very interesting that the candle company is based in the exact same state as me!!!  Very cool!  I have never been to the city in which Mia Bella is originated from.  Have you?
      I honestly do not know of anyone who has a Mia Bella candle in my local area, but I am guessing that there are plenty.  

      As far as that “other candle” that I wrote about having soot all over the jar and causing black smoke, I am going to keep it just in case I need this to prove a good point about fire hazards and that Mia Bella is a higher quality candle that does not cause black smoke or soot.  

      I look forward to getting to know you, too!  


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      Lori Clark wrote May 29, 2008
    • Dana,

      The company name is Scent Sations; the name of the candle is Mia Bella.  Mia is our CEO’s daughter and she is a sweetheart.  

      I don’t mind at all you asking about my team - however, I want to be sensitive to others so I will send you that info in a private message.

      Building my team, I worked all angles.  I talked about the opportunity when I was retailing the product; I used my website A LOT, advertised on the Internet, and even bought some candle specific leads from our coop.  

      I know that building a website can be intimidating and overwhelming to people, even though they want to have a presence on the net.  So, I am bridging that gap by providing my team their own personalized website, complete with an auto-responder... at no cost.  I handle the building of it and hosting of it for you AND your first twelve team members.  That way you have all the tools you need to get rolling quickly!

      Wilkes-Barre is the home of our corporate office and the factory.  I have been there (we hold our annual convention in Wilkes-Barre) and toured the factory.  If you ever find yourself in that area I highly recommend you drop by and take a tour!  Our owners have a true open-door policy and welcome people to tour the factory - distributor or not!

      There may or may not be a lot of people who have our candles in your area.  We are most certainly not saturated and still a relatively new company. I would guess that many of the people you will talk to have never hear of us....yet.

      It’s a great idea to keep that “old” jar.  I do keep and use  my “old” favorite too - Nothing speaks louder than a visual side-by-side example!!  I take my "old" jar everywhere when I'm selling.  I did put a blank sticky label over the front of the old jar.  I don't want anyone to think I'm talking bad about another company.  Just want to show what people are used to seeing and dealing with and how our candles perform.

      Have a great day!


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      Mom4boys wrote Sep 1, 2008
    • Hi there I did a home based business for woman and loved it did great then it got slow that was my party I went and got a job that I am now dept store and on the side I am selling Avon I did it because of the low start up fee , I have 2 girls under me love the products and stand by them I am going to build my Team home based business takes alot of getting out and the power of three spreading the word anyone can do it if you set your mind at it .

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      Mary Clark wrote Sep 13, 2008
    • I sell Beauticontrol Cosmetics.  I really don’t do the spa parties ( I should..they are so fun) but I’m about to get with the program big time.  Having your own home base business is nice but like others have have to be dedicated and disciplined enough to do what needs to be done to grow your business.   So many people think all you have to do is work a little and sit back and it all falls in your lap.  It doesn’t work that have to work...and work hard.’s all in how your attitude is and what you want.  The way my director puts it to her team is...if you keep on doing what you‘re‘re going to keep on getting what you‘re getting.  So if what you are doing  is not enough...then step it up a notch.  I guess this little comment was for me more than anyone else.  

      One added note...for me...selling a product that is used guarantees repeat business.  Especially if you have a good one..and I do.


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