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I remember when my ex brought home a 20 pound box of tuna steaks he bought from a guy running a fish market from the back of a truck.

"It was a great deal." he crowed.

Yeah, if you like frozen tuna filets.  We had that surplus of fish in our small freezer for months.  Today, my now hubby brought home a 10# bag of spuds.  I laughed, "This is enough for a small army!"  He didn't see my humor.  "It was a great deal!" He crowed too.

Which begs the question.  Do guys have a fetish for bulk pricing?

I buy two potatoes at a time because they are on the menu for the evening's feast.  It seems nonsensical for me to use valuable refrigerator real estate on bulk veggies that more than likely will go bad before we eat them.  No, says my darling, the cost per potato makes bulk buying the better deal even if we lose a couple of the poor puppies in the process.

What's a girl to do?  I giggle at extra large family size boxes of instant rice and shredded wheat.   He gets such a kick out of saving in bulk buying, I suppose it is the least I can do to just sit back and watch.  After all, if he is happy, then I am happy.  Just because I don't understand his choices, doesn't mean they are invalid or inappropriate.

What is it in ME that makes me question his love of a bulky bargain?  Hmmm.

What do you think?  Is it a guy thing?  Do YOU buy in bulk?


Member Comments

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      Anne E wrote Jun 26, 2009
    • I don’t buy in bulk because i live in an apartment.  I think it’s a guy thing to buy something without thinking if you have the space/need for so much!

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      Denise Richardson wrote Jun 27, 2009
    • It depends on what it is because I too buy in bulk, and I’m far from being a guy lol.happy

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      Tuliplady wrote Jun 27, 2009
    • Yes, I buy in bulk I guess.  I buy 20# of potatoes at a time, ten in summer when they spoil faster.  Potatoes don’t need to be in the frig, they set in the pantry just fine.

      I buy in bulk because I live 35 miles from the supermarket.  And I hate shopping so I don’t want to do it any oftener than absolutely neccessary!

      But buying in bulk does seem to be a bit of a guy thing.  My hubby buys toilet paper in the biggest package he can find, then I have to find a place to store it all.  He will also buy peaches by the bushel in the summer because they‘re so good.  He’s not going to eat that many so I have to can or freeze them.  Grrrrrr!!!!!!

      When I was with my ex, he wouldd just go nuts in sam's club.  He did not even check prices, he would just throw whole cases of things in the cart and I'd have to put them back on the shelf and tell him I can get that item cheaper at the supermarket.  We lived 65 miles from a supermarket, had three children and miscellaneous people always around for a meal, so I went thru a LOT of groceries, but I wasn't going to pay more just to have a case of green beans on hand.

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      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Jun 27, 2009
    • I am a Costco and Sam’s Club fan.  What does that tell you?worried

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