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I graduated from highscool in 1980, went to cosmetology school, married in 1981, my first child (2 months premature) in 1982, my second child in 1983, breathed a while and had my third child in 1988. I’ve been married to the same wonderful man for almost 27 years. We’ve had ups and downs like most marriages, been through the soccer games, the school plays, the choirs etc. We even helped direct a Youth Camp for our church for 9 years. We sang on the worship team, had our own little band for a while, and get the picture...busy, busy, busy. All the while trying to help my children pursue their own dreams.  Now...they‘re gone.

I’ve always entertained the idea of singing more. I grew up singing in school choirs since I was in the third grade...until I was in the top choir in my senior year at school. My mother said I even sang when I had the measles at the age of three..she said it made me feel better. You know what? It still does.  

The more I thought about the more I’s always been a dream of mine. Not just singing...I’ve always actually wanted to record. I thought it would be fun! But never thought it would be possible. I’ve just been so busy with life...I didn’t pursue it. Now here I am at this midlife crossroads... trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Is it too late for dreams?


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      Bobbi Bacha wrote Sep 14, 2008
    • Its never to late for Dreams.. dream long, dream big and find a way... you may fall but keep picking yourself up and move forward.. youll find that you will suceed more than you ever dreamed of.

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      Cynthia Schmidt wrote Sep 14, 2008
    • I agree. Mid-life is a wonderful age for women. We have another half of life to live. And, singing is such a beautiful gift. I wish I knew more about that business and had some words of wisdom but what I do have is profound encouragement. I’m not sure how long you’ve been here on this site but there are so many women here who are just downright enspiring! It’s really given me a shot in the arm.
      All the best to you

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      Leeann wrote Sep 14, 2008
    • Never to late to make your Dreams come true. I was very sick four year ago. I got a second chance.  I made a list of everything I wanted to do. Guess what, I have done a lot On my list. You can do anything when you put your mind to it.

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      Yana Berlin wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • You go get them girl!!!!

      It’s NEVER to late. This is the BEST years of your life, anything you want is within reach and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise.

      We will be rooting for you, keep us posted.

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      Ladybug wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • This really is the best time of your life. Think of all the energy and focus it took to raise your family. Put all that energy and focus, and also experience, into you! You deserve it. And, you can’t lose!

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      Mary Clark wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • Go for it Kim!!  Do what you want to do.  You know we have these children and our goal is to raise them to be self-sufficient law abiding citizens.  You’ve done your job and the rest is up to them.  It’s your time now and you need to enjoy it.  Every day that we live is a gift from God.  We are not promise tomorrow (and I’m sure you already know that)...but embrace each day...and what you want to do.  It’s your time to shine!!! You can do it!!!!

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      Amy L. Harden wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • Kim...I think the general consensus here is: it is never too late to follow your dreams.  The thing is you must turn them from dreams in to reality.  

      I am a great proponent of Vision Boards...get that dream out of your head...put it on the a Vision Board. (Please see my blog here at Fab40 where I give directions on how to create a Vision Board)

      Next go get “The Anwser” by John or listen (it is great in audio) this has been instrumental at changing my mindset...thinking affirmatively and getting me to stop dreaming about things and putting my dreams in to action.  It is also helpful in changing your “Mommy” mindset into a “Creative, Growing your Talent” mindset.  You can sit around all day long saying you want to be a singer...a famous one at that...but if your unconscious brain is telling you that you will never do this...then you won’t.  You will understand this after you read Mr. Assarf’s book.  NOTE: If you are a Christian don’t let the New Age “The Secret” bent to this book hold you back...much of what Mr. Assarf says is based on what we already know as Christians...just replace the “The Secret” speak with your own belief still works.

      Then make a plan: Start voice lessons, choose a music genre you love to sing, networking with other musicians and offering to sing whenever and wherever it is possible, gain confidence in your talent and gift. (Remember, if you are not passionate about what you are doing or the music you will be singing you won’t stick with it.)

      Welcome to the next chapter of your life - ActII: Enter Smiling...and in your case...Enter Singing!!

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      JoAnn Donahue wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • Kim absolutely NOT...

      Here’s my own belief..

      Take what you like and leave the rest..

      Your dreams are God wanting to be expressed..

      Thru YOU!!

      As well as my dreams are God wanting be expressed..

      I find that exciting and sometime almost frightening..

      And then He reminds me He made me and He..  

      does not make junk! (wink)

      He reminds me..

      That in Him ALL things are possible..  

      And then I think what if?  What if I don’t

      Who will not be ministered because I refused..

      We are all here for each other in some way..

      Weather it be small or on a grand scale..

      The outcome is still the same..  

      Someone is healed, if only in the moment..

      Someone felt loved, if only in the moment..

      And we become more of who we are meant to be!!

      No Kim it never to late to Dream..

      I have a quote I used in one of my blogs..

      “The world needs dreamer’s and the world needs doers

       but most of all the world needs DREAMERS who DO” !

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      Kimri3 wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • Wow! Thanks for all the encouragement ladies. It’s sooo much better when someone comes along side and roots for you. I haven’t had that in a loooonnnngggg time (except my husband...he tries). Maybe that’s all I needed... Some ladies that took this same scary step and did it! I’ve been so inspired by all of you. I hope I can live up to all of your encouragement!! You know...over the last couple of years..I did by a great CD set for voice lessons and warm ups (I just need to stick to it)..and I even have a friend who has a recording studio..I’ve just needed to build up my confidence again (had a few rough years in brother died in 2006). I was soooo was hard to sing set me back for  a loop..really.I’ve also tried writing songs..because to record..original is always better..that’s been another struggle. Anybody out there write songs? Then I need musicians...hard to come by in a small town..but I’ll keep looking. I guess with all the struggle (more than I’ve written about) ..I thought..Is it worth it all? Then it always comes down to this..especially when I’m sitting in a concert like TSO..(we grew up with the drummer so we go see them every year)..I tear up and get a lump in my throat and say I have to sing. Thanks again ladies.

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      Amy L. Harden wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • Hey...Marnique...this is a call out to you.!!!

      ...Marnique is a musician...if she doesn’t respond here...go check out her profile...the two of you could make beautiful music together!

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      JoAnn Donahue wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • Shepherdess,

      There you are for someone else..  

      It’s what you were born to do..

      You are a precious soul..

      Do you know that?

      You are love, kindness, strength, wisdom and more..

      all wrapped in one  

      doggone beautiful package!

      Your friend,


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      Kimri3 wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • Thanks Shepherdess, I’ll do that!

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      JoAnn Donahue wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • Kim,  

      As I was driving home after reading your last post..

      sharing about your brother..

      (I’m sorry you had to lose your brother. :(  )

      And all the things that you will need..

      I felt compelled to write you back and say

      “Kim, take it one step at a time.. You practice and sing

      have faith that the rest will fall into place as it should”

      You just sing Kim ...JUST SING GIRL FRIEND!!!!  :)


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      Kimri3 wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • Thanks Jo..that’s what my husband told me, too. I appreciate all the encouragement. Sure helps.

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