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Its a beautiful day today, the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the birds are singing, i love days like this. Even with all that though i opened an email this morning to a sad sight, email read, UK no longer teaches Holocaust in school i know the UK has changed since i lived there, i know the past 18yrs it has changed beyond recognition to me, i wonder where are BRITISH voices have gone, where our OVER MY DEAD BLOODY BODY attitude has gone, i still have it, and that is why i am so upset. I love the country of my birth, its rolling hills , its greeness, its language and are aloofness to those outsiders! I love our humour, i love our history, and i love our people...the true brits..the die hard fight for our country true brits...but they are a dying breed.......I guess because it offends Muslims the Holocaust can no longer be taught in schools, i guess because of Winston Churchills bulldogedness he can no longer be talked about in schools either! There was a time during WW11 that people in Britain, would never have given our country over to the Germans, no matter how much they may have over powered us had they got to England ..we would have fought them on our beaches, we would have taken pitch forks to em if we had to..but those days are gone, our country isnt ours anymore it seems, History is being removed...Take note America, as what happens there eventually happens here!
We talk about minorities yet we as true Brits, or Americans are the minority any more. I am not ANTI ANYONE, live and let live i say BUT respect those who lived here first, respect there ways and their traditions. Britain is long in tradition, we used to have angels and baby jesus in Christmas plays at school , we used to have Hymns in assembly and prayer in the morning and at lunch time, and before going home from school..i didnt go to a catholic school this was REGULAR run of the mill british schooling, we had Harvest festivals. We had RE religous education where you were taught about ALL religeons of the world. But we have pandered to athiests, we have catered to the minorities, and we have given our country over to those who wish to turn it into a muslim country....what next? Will we be rounded minorities, will we be put in camps for believing in Christ.....or worse for being it ok for everyone else to be offended, BUT NOT ME, when i see what is happening to my home country, or this country, is it WRONG for me to say STOP..i dont like what is happening. When will MY voice be heard, and taken note of?
England was once a GREAT nation, and it is such a TINY island, what made it so great...ITS PEOPLE. We have rolled over and died, we have said do what you will pathetic goverment, let everyone take our country from us...let those who fought in 2 World wars roll over in their graves asking ” WHAT THE HELL DID WE DIE FOR” My grandfather was given a Victoria Cross, the highest medal of honour in the UK...i cry thinking what he would say now, even though i will be forever PROUD and greatful to him for serving his country. My uncle who served in the RAF, during WW11..who lost an eye, and was blinded, who also lost a leg...i am thankful for him and his bravery also...and to ALL the men and woman who kept our country OURS during that time...i am ashamed that THIS IS HOW WE REPAY giving our country up now...............shame shame shame on those who did this. There is a song that maybe some Brits back home should goes like this..Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves, Britain never NEVER  EVER shall be slaves........................... On this beautiful day, while the sun is shining...i hope this country WILL NEVER EVER become slaves to those who wish to destroy this GREAT nation called the USA.Because the UK that i knew is now gone, and i dont want it to hapen to this country .


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