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I decided to start a blog, and I feel this is as good of place as any.  

I read enough of them, so going to try here.

I see a lot of other women seem to carry the same issues as I do. Thank God!

Just enjoying the good life... No Kids Tonight!!


Member Comments

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      Yana Berlin wrote Sep 27, 2008
    • Congrats on your decision.

      Looking forward to reading your blogs.


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      Drbebatropmd wrote Sep 28, 2008
    • thankyou for writing to me      

      dr beba

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      Stacyknows wrote Sep 28, 2008
    • check out my blog  good luck   happy blogging

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      Drbebatropmd wrote Oct 1, 2008
    • HI Stacy;     if you get this twice, sorry;   I don’t totally understand   blogging and netting  or really anything other than I have to get ahead of where things are now.

      you wrote to my blog;    I want to thank you.

      I am not a blog expert.   Im a surgeon;  so I am expert in something.   I have two kids. So I am an expert in suffering.   (I have a nice husband so I am expert in being happy despite all the problems)

      while I am pretty intelligent and its amazing to think I left europe and became a Board Certified surgeon here;   all that was enough to be able to do more than the average european surgeon (most come and become anesthesiologists)    I actually got to be a surgeon here. (I wish actually I had not because they make more money and have less stress)   But the fact is this is my life.  And I have to make this a success.

      So I made a blog because I don’t have some want $7,000 to create a web cite which makes it look like more than it is.

      Do you know I studied in Rio with the world’s most famous cosmetic surgeon?  Its true. I did. I saw some new techniques no one here knows about.

      Do you know though that in the USA the game seems to be pay a lot to create an amazing web cite;  and that is fine.    

      But the fact is women need me.   I need them.  And together we should be able to create...  the kind of reality which obviously all taht is going on now was not able to create.

      I mean what is this economic disaster?   how did things get so insane?  Didn’t we have the same kind of thing 70 years ago?  How could this happen again?   Is it because people are not losing sleep over doing right?

      In other words Sara Palin sounded really good, you have to admit.  Why can’t the kind of reality she was talking about  “be reality“?  

      Well I think it can.   So I am trying to communicate with lots of women.  Because we are put down by the male world.  By the male system.  We are.  We are told we are stupid. We are told we don’t know anything.

      But I told my father  “Serbia is going to get bombed“.  He told me I was stupid.  He told me it never would happen.   I did not argue with him. I said to myself this  a       e,   I see it as plain as day.  But all these people here. They don’t see it.  So I picked up and I left that country;  before the war and everything that everyone heard about.  I saw it was all coming.   And I said to heck with this stupidity.

      (so I came to the USA and...   you can’t imagine.  I had to learn the language.  I had to deal with my then high school and younger aged children. I had to deal with my crazy father who offered a lot of insight into things he was not aware of.

      all this.. all this.    I had to pass tests.    I had to learn.   I had to do the impossible. Get into a residency program.    I was the youngest and nearly only female ever to accomplish what I did in Europe.

      So now I was here.   I was at a dead end.   The condo got foreclosed on.  My kids were uncontrollable and obnoxious and how can I control these people and do a career?   No one listens.   The father tells them I am rich and will support them and I am struggling like you can’t believe.

      Well anyhow by a miracle;  after years at U of Miami and Howard I got into a Residency program in Nebraska.  You think it was simple?  They did not like my foreign ethnic approach.  But I struggled.  I battled to learn.  I did it.

      Now I came back here.  And now I am a woman alone with just my husband to help and he does not know as much as as good a person he is;  and so...     now what?

      Well, there are a million zillion women out there in this world;    and I see;  maybe you made a web cite;  but how to get people on?

      Well, same with me if I am right;    but a million women who know.  We know bombs are coming. We know. And no one listens to us.    

      But if we band together;    then that is why Sara Palin, who I think would be the first to admit she is not really qualified to be a president;   but I think the party told her;   we will help you; don’t worry;   we need you. You will help us win; and we will pull you through the rest.

      Well I don’t have the republican party

      but I have half the population of the people;    women.

      and women will tell me

      and I will tell what I know.

      and that is what my thought is.

      I won’t go home and just surrender.  no.   I will survive.

      my favorite song;  all along;  all those years;  was that Song   I WILL SURVIVE.

      and will prosper and I will make it.

      because every woman around will put in; contribute;  help;     because we dont’ want to see each other fail.

      Its so obvious;    the republicans are hoping we are not smart; and we will vote for Sara.

      Just because she has what I can make more lovely.

      To boobs and the rest.


      because this is correct.  I maybe can’t say it right.

      But I know deep in my soul;   that from the silence of millions;   comes the loudest noise ever on the planet.

      And then I will owe my success to you;  (and that ofcourse means discounts at Botox parties.


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