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To my First Unborn Grandchild
It started with a phone call...
yes they arrived safely in California, no they didn’t move into the place they were going to, the got a different one near Universal studios, but that wasn’t the reason he was calling, he said. I said he called to tell me he loved me, no he said I do love you but that wasn’t the reason, and then he said it.... Raijina is pregnant, we‘re gonna have a baby mom.
My world changed on that day, and I know your mommmy and daddys world did too.  

I decided I was going to write about all the feelings and emotions that were going on inside of me as I thought about how my family was growing.  Cuz I had sooo many thoughts and feelings going on inside of me, I was remembering when I found out I was pregnant with your daddy, I was remembering your daddy as a little boy and then I was picturing him holding you in his arms and then... well you can see I had lots of thoughts going on.

Metaphorically speaking, by the way when you read this the first time I don’t know if you will know what that means cuz I don’t know how old you will be so I’ll tell you just in case you don’t know, it means when you use something to try to relate to something else ..for example if I were to say to you, life is like an apple, some of its sweet and juicy but some of its seedy and should be spit out, that would be a metaphor.

So for me, I liken my life unto a flower my flower bed there are many flowers, some are bright and colorful and some are just green but nonetheless beautiful, each of these flowers represent someone in my life.
The flowers closest to me are my family and our roots are very tightly entwined for we have been growing together along time, when one passes on it seems the rest of us are left with loose soil but eventually things return to normal, this has been my experience of my “flower bed” so far, until recently. When your mommy and daddy got married it was as if someone dug a hole and planted this beautiful, exotic flower into it, right next to your daddy !
And then their roots became entwined also, and then, they co-created with our Creator, and you, the most precious blessing, came to be.

So thats where we‘re at now, your mommy thinks she’s about 6 weeks along so you‘re just starting out in her tummy, but you have been very very busy in there !!  And your mommy and daddy? well they have been so busy the last 6 weeks packing and getting ready to move and then moving to California, and then learning of you...
Your mommy found out on Mothers Day that she was pregnant with you, not a bad gift for a first mothers day kiddo, I’m impressed !!

email to russ’s folks in colorado...
(the great grandparents)

Hi Dad and Mom

       Well I am sorta back online again, waiting for my brother to send a cd of drivers and whatnot and updated version of windows XP, after that things should be back to normal.

So how do you feel about becoming Great Grandparents? Russ and I are still getting used to the idea of being Grandparents but nonetheless we‘re very excited for Joshua and Raijina, and its wonderful that our family is growing, and new babies are always fun, so we‘re all very happy.

Brandon and Seth are both excited about being Uncles and my folks are happy about being Great Grandparents, first time for them, and my 92 yr old grandmother will be a great great grandmother, so this baby is a very special baby for all of us.   Russ and I spend alot of time talking about what kind of Grandparents we will be, and the things we both want to do with our Grandchild be it boy or girl.  

I turn 45 next month, can’t believe i’m that old already... probably half my life, if my 92yr old grandmother is any indication.  And I’m someone’s Mother in law, and now I have a grandchild growing in my beautiful daughter in law Raijina, this is a big milestone in my life, and I have been writing a journal of my “Journey to my first Grandchild“, its been an awesome way for me to express my joy and gratitude at the miracle of life, and all the thoughts I have as I imagine my son, my baby boy, now a man, holding his own child, and the conversations with Josh and Raijina thruout the pregnancy, anyway its going to all be put down in writing, for my Grandchild to read someday.

Russ was very excited to tell you that you that Josh and Raijina were expecting, it was an honor for both he and I to be the ones to tell you and my parents that you were going to be Great Grandparents and that life was carrying on and another generation was being born, we hope you‘re both as happy as we are about the blessing of a new baby in all of our lives.


Good Morning my precious Grandbaby, its May 21st and its 5:am and the birds are just starting to sing their morning melodies, I have made my latte and worked on my morning pages and thought I would write to you for a few minutes before I get your Grandpa Russ up and off to work.
This is actually my favorite time of day, might have something to do with the name my Grandfather gave me... dawn.   I hope when you are older that we have the opportunity to get up early in the morning and watch the world wake up, it truly is a magical time of day that only happens in the early morning hours.

There is sooo much that I want to teach you about life and love and living, most of what you learn will be taught to you by your mommy and daddy but there are things that I will teach you also, Things like how to listen to the wind, and how to talk to the trees, and how to see and recognize Spirit in all living things.  How to dissolve clouds with your thoughts and how to climb mountains in your mind.  How to Love with your whole being and how to have a relationship with your Creator.

I know that at this point you are really a bunch of cells that keep dividing in your mommys uterus but not to me... to me you are already alive and living in mommys tummy and listening to my every written word, hahahaha, silly Grandma huh.

Actually you are alive in my heart already precious blessing from God, I think about you often and hope you know how much you are loved by both sides of your family.

Wednesday May 28 2008

I just got a text from your mommy, and it's the first picture of baby Boswell said the caption...
I haven’t stopped crying, I'm sooo happy, Oh little grandchild of mine, can you feel the love I feel for you already?  

Dear Grandbaby

   It is July 29th 2008 and you went thru your first earthquake today, it was a 5.2 in Los Angeles.  I talked to your Daddy and he said you and mommy were fine but I bet that was a bumpy ride for a few seconds wasn’t it!
I will be in California in a month to see your mommy and daddy and to feel you in mommys tummy !!  I can’t wait to meet you !!! I love you so much already heavens precious child, and I can’t wait to take pictures of you in mommys belly, we’ll call them “Essence of Grandmas Precious Angel"

August 9th 2008

I found out yesterday that you are a girl !!!!  I am so Happy I have been crying off and on since your Daddy called and told me.
I wonder what they will name you....

August 28th 2008

I am at my Sister Tammy's house in Fallbrook Ca and tomorrow I am traveling to see your Mommy and Daddy and to put my hands on mommys tummy and touch you Precious Girl.

September 8 08

Your name is Adeline Grace.... so precious so special so you
and Russ and I will be called Nana and Papa

I love you  Miss Adeline Grace  

Love Nana

December 7 2008
Well you are almost here Miss Addie
Papa and I ordered your swing yesterday and it should be arriving in about a week, Papa says you are a typical woman, you're not even here yet and already costing him money hahahaha

I’m flying to California to your mommy and daddys the day after Christmas and then we will just be waiting for you to make your presence known.

December 20 2008

I talked with your Mommy and Daddy tonight and it seems you are getting into position and mommy is becoming's almost time !!!!  they went out and got your carseat so they're ready.  Mommy is no longer working, they had to go to the hospital cuz they thought you were on the way, not yet, but its close!
Mommy is dilated to a 1 and 1/2 and feels lots of pressure.
You need to wait just a little bit longer, I will be there in 6 days and your other Grandma will be there in 9days and we both want to be there to welcome you into the world, so hold on sweet baby girl, hold on!!

When I got to talk to your mommy tonite we used the webcamera so we could see each other and your mommy looks sooo cute!!  Your Mommy is a very beautiful Woman inside and out Adeline, and your very lucky to have her for a mommy.  And your Daddy is going to be the best Daddy in the whole world, what a lucky little girl you already are.  So many people await your arrival, there’s your mommy and daddy of course, and then there’s me and Papa, then there’s your grandpa and grandma, and grandpa jim, and Uncle Brandon and Uncle Seth, and your mommys sisters, and your great grandparents, and even great great grandma Irene who is 94 yrs old.  A host of great aunts and uncles and there’s a missymom too!!

I’m getting sooo excited to meet you and hug you and love you.
Good Night Miss Adeline Grace,
Nana loves you Manini (little bit)h3.  


Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Jacquie6363 wrote Dec 24, 2008
    • Dawn, how beautiful.  I am not a grandmother as yet, but I can truly feel your pride and joy within your words.  Something for me to think about when I hear those words....

      Thank you for sharing this journal with us...happy  Keep us posted

            Report  Reply

  •         Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Dawn Libby wrote Dec 25, 2008
    • nope not yet..
      I fly out to LA tomorrow afternoon
      I will let everyone know when she arrives, We are sooo excited!!
      After having 3 boys I am so looking forward to a girl baby!
      You probably can’t tell I’m over the moon with excitement ;)

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Marcy wrote Dec 27, 2008
    • Dawn... I have a little grand daughter - she’s 3 1/2, her name is Hayli Grace & she is the sweetest little girl! She calls me “Mama Marcy“! My daughter remarried & her new hubby has custody of his little girl, Kristen, who is 6 months younger than Hayli... and they have become “sisters“.  It’s very sweet!  My daughter is expecting in February... and she wants me to be there when the baby is born... just like I was when Hayli was born.  I hope I can be there.
      My husband has four sons... and there are 11 grandbabies (ages 2 months to 14 years) from them!  You’ll love being a grandmother.  Congratulations!

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Helloellenb wrote Jan 4, 2009
    • This is a wonderful journal; I so wish I could have thought of that when my  1st grandbaby Haleigh Ann was born 2 years ago.  I have plenty of pictures and want to start a scrapbook in my spare time.  I must find the time because she is growing and time is passing away!
      Bless you and your Family and new grandbaby, Thanks for sharing with us....too beautiful

            Report  Reply

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