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Love it

It’s getting pretty hot outside—the flowers are planted, the vegetables are going in today, and the kids have chosen the seeds they want to plant—watermelon and cantaloupe.

We decide to go out for icecream to cool off a bit, and the kids have been sluffing off in their PJs all day.  I let my son dress himself and got my daughter’s clothes out, allowing her to get as far as she can without assistance.  The outfit is darling; yellow pants with pink, purple, and light blue hearts with a matching snappy crotch, t-shirt which boldly states “I love mommy” on it.

A few moments later, she came bouncing downstairs with knee-length burgundy pants on (18- month) and a long-sleeved shirt (in the photo) spinning it around, as if a lasso, over her head.  “Can’t you help me put on my shirt?” she asked.  I furrowed my brown and cocked my head, “Where are the clothes I got out for you, sweetie?”

“I want to wear these!” boldly stated by a two-year-old.

“But the sleeves are too long!” I told her.

“No, they‘re not!”

“Yes, they are.”  Yes, it’s true.  I was arguing with a preschooler.  I pulled the shirt up in one hand and pulled the sleeve out holding it in the air with the other to prove my point. “See it’s too long for summer.”

She said, bravely stepping forward and holding her arm up against the shirt, “The sleeves aren’t too long, my arms grew, so now it fits.”

Needless to say, we went for icecream and I allowed her to wear her long-sleeved shirt.

Regardless of how other mothers may think it’s unhealthy for children to argue, I think it creates a sense of individuality and will help prevent them from being victims later.  Of course, there is an appropriate time.

Love it


Member Comments

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      Mjmurphy wrote May 17, 2009
    • Kids are so cute and never worry about the appropriateness of what they want to wear. This reminds me of my 5 year old granddaughter who all winter wanted to wear two undershirts to school. To make matters worse, the undershirts are too small and worn. My daughter bought nice new shirts and undershirts with pretty faries on them but my granddaughter was not parting with those undershirts. So my daughter allowed her to wear them under her regular shirts in order to make peace in the morning ritual of getting ready for school. A couple of times my daughter was horrified when she picked her up from school and she looked like a little ragamuffin because she had took the outer shirt off. The teacher was so understanding and just smiled saying kids get attached to certain clothes. It made my daughter feel a little better, lol.

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    • +1 votes vote up vote up

      UK Girl wrote May 17, 2009
    • I let my daughter wear what she wanted as for too long she was in a uniform and picking your clothes is fun ..

      I buy my neices bright tutu’s and wings and they wear these and the dressing up clothes .... my sister silently screams but the girls are happy bouncy children and very confident.

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      Tina Sickinger wrote May 17, 2009
    • I am raising my granddaughter who is now five(5) and she has been coming into her independence for some time now. I suggest certain clothes, but in the end, she usually wins! I think it’s important to let them have their own taste and style; although I do tell my husband sometimes when we go out that Maisie is “sporting her Cyndi Lauper look today“. I think we get looks from people sometimes, but who cares? Do you know what her favorite commercial is on TV? The old McDonald’s where the two little girls dress up and wear the big floppy hats and go to McD’s for lunch. That’s her!!!

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