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I finished reading one letter from the book of Screwtape Letter by C.S. Lewis.  It is good.  I decided to write my own:

Dear Master Lucifer,

I am reporting to you about my assignment - CD.  I have been trying to get to her by the following techniques:

   1. Discouragement - I worked on her thoughts that the future is dim, hopeless and difficult

   2. God sticks to His commandment - so her son is for sure in hell fire damnation, add more anxiety to her.

   3. Worthless - I worked in her mind to make her feel worthless.  She could not even do a simple task.  I made her feel that she was unreliable, dependable, and I told her “even her 70 years old + parents have to take care of her instead of her taking care of them - what kind of a bad daughter she is!

   4. Bad Bad Bad - I made her feel she was a bad mother, chose the wrong man to marry and thus tormented her son.  I made her feel she would never find any good guy and she would be alone for the rest of her life.  I instilled fear.

   5. I also worked around those who are our allied clients already, like Catherine, I was able to influence her so that she showed her jealousy towards CD and said some mean things to her directly and indirectly.  I also influenced her to be ex.  I convinced him to be mean and be unreasonable in her pending divorce.

   6. I was allowed to place illness and infirmity on her.  This has preventing her from going to daily mass.  You know, if she receives communion daily, she would receive great combat power.  I ought to do all I can to stop this from happening and I am successful so far.  I also worn her out physically and emotionally so she would not be able to do good things for our Enemy up there and build her physical strength to herself.  She needs to be weak so I can tackle.
I am still working hard on her during the Sunday mass. She sang in the choir which made her prayers tripled to our Enemy and He was pleased and granted her mercy and answered some of her prayers. Ding. But I managed to replay the visual of her weddings, her son’s baptism, confirmation, 1st communion and funeral in her mind so she would keep dwelling on the all of her losses.
She did go to mass on Sat on top of Sunday. That Fr. Agnastia asked her to sing in mass again. Wish I could just shut him up. She gave flowers to her old neighbor, she sang in the dining room in addition and she brought joy and peace to those old folks. She also visited Fr. Tom who was suffering from dimensia - ding, she lifted up his spirit. She then took a nun to lunch and that sister told her she felt her son was in heaven, no doubt. Luckily she as not to persuaded.
I made her feel angry at our Enemy that why He did not rescue her son.  She somewhat bought into that but she was doubting.  She planned on asking Fr. Patrick.  Another hurdle for me to overcome.  When she asked Fr. Pat and he told her no one was qualified to answer or to question our Enemy.  She was at peace with that.  Ding!  Another defeat on my part.

   7. I have also influenced the souls that are weak around her, that is an easy job - the boys, Sylvia and Razz and have them to steal, scamp and take advantages of her kindness so she would be mad and upset and started to doubt about doing goods to other. I work on hatred in her heart.

Overall, I have tried very hard but she is hard to pierce.  I was almost successful 2 weeks ago but then she picked up her rosary, ah, that chain saw just wracked me off.  Also she has many friends that are sending prayers to her which strengthen her shield.  Her friends also provide love, patience and support which counter and knock down the hatreds, impatience and loneliness in her.  Those nuns and those priests keep teaching her to persevere.  Those are hard to influence as well.  

I will keep trying.  I will think of more to attack her, no matter what it takes, be it be in her mind, in her body, in those who are dear to her,.... I will win her over.  She is doing so much harm to our victory.  She keeps bringing others closer to our Enemy and spreading love.  We really need to work hard on her.  If I need more troops to help me, I will let you know.  

Till, then, your little but hard working devil,


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