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Its amazing how technology can change your life. I grew up in the era where computers took over the typewriter. Today’s generation are growing up technology that gets upgraded each year. They have no clue of the difference between life before and after the Internet came along, but allow me to take you down memory lane....

Balancing your checkbook required waiting for your statement to come from the bank because there was no online banking access  

Along the same lines, if you wanted money to be transfered from your checking to your savings account or visa-versa, you had to physically walk into the bank to do it instead of quickly logging into your online account...  

You actually knew all of your friends in "real-life." There weren't "virtual" friends or people you call friends but have never met  

To communicate with friends and family who lived far away, you hand-wrote letters and mailed them through the Post Office  

Google and Yahoo didn't exist which meant researching was done with the help of books  

You received the weather forecast on TV, from the newspaper, or even over the phone...  

Planning a vacation meant going to see a travel agent to have them arrange the flight, tours and hotel stays  

You called 411 or used a phone book to look-up telephone numbers  

There was no way to track a package that was being delivered to you via UPS or FedEx, you simply had to be patient  

When you had something you wanted to sell, you ran an ad in the newspaper and hoped someone in the area would be interested because there was no eBay or Craigslist  

Watching a home-video or sharing it with friends meant you needed a VCR, there was no YouTube or other video sharing services  

Buying music required going to a physical store and purchasing a cassette tape or a CD and playing it in your Walkman or Boom-box, there was no iTunes  

The only way to pay bills was to mail them or maybe pay using a check over the phone because online bill-pay wasn't an option

Finding a book at the library meant searching through the little cards in the card catalogue and not using an online system  

We’ve come a long way!! I truly appreciate technology now but help every now and again to remember the days of long ago.

Who can relate?


Member Comments

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      Merlot63 wrote Oct 30, 2008
    • I can definitely relate.  40 years ago, when my brother was born, my parents sent my grandparents a telegram announcing the news (we were in the US, my grandparents in Israel).  Pictures followed by mail 2 weeks later.  When my nephew was born last year, my brother took his picture using his cell phone within minutes of when he was born, and we were able to see the picture seconds later.

      But guess what?  That telegram sent 40 years ago is still kept in a safe place at my parent’s house. I’m not so sure I’ll be able to find my nephew’s picture in 40 years.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Ms-kay wrote Oct 30, 2008
    • Amazing isn’t it?

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