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I read Dr. Michelle Mayarticle The Last or Next Ten Pounds and decided to be honest with myself. I've been battling my weight most of my adult life. Nothing major- just the same 20 pounds that I lost and gained about a hundred times.

We all know that once the Fabulously40 Syndrome kicks in, the weight no longer comes off easily like it used to in our twenties or thirties. So this time I decided to search for something that works for me not just temporarily, but something I will be able to live with for the rest of my life.


I joined Weight Watchers and lost 15 pounds, but this time I think I’ll be able to keep the weight off. Let me explain why. I do count points and exercise regularly, but three times a week instead of dinner I eat popcorn (no butter), as much as I want-  followed by my new found ice cream the 40 calorie fudgsials, up to three a day. While this might not sound like a very nutritious plan, I can live with it, and enjoy it.

Find out what works for you, and have an open mind. Some of us can stick to a diet plan, others need a diet guard to prevent us from consuming these extra calories.

If you have a success story, please comment below and share what worked for you in this ongoing challenge of the battle with the bulge.


Member Comments

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      Yana Berlin wrote Oct 17, 2008
    • Mind bugling....

      Sometimes I post a blog and get ten response within the first 10 minutes, most of the time that happens on posts that I don’t think will hit a nerve....

      Writing this short blog I thought that comments will just pile up faster than I can read them, after all, most of us are having “weight issues“, not having any comments after a day, I just had to stop and wonder....I know I’m not the only one struggling, I also know that many of us have stories to share, so why no comments?  

      Curious me.

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      Trudy S wrote Oct 17, 2008
    • Weight is such a huge issue for most of us..especially in the 40’s.  I have been very lucky to find a way to lose the weight and keep that weight off over the long term. And its EASY.
      For years I though I had to work at it or it wasn’t ‘real‘.  Now I’ve found Isagenix and realized that clean nutrition along with getting toxins out of your body can be the ‘golden ticket’ to long term good health and body balance.

      Don’t give up annie123 - you’ll find your golden ticket too!

      [Link Removed] 

      Isagenixbeliever, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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      Trudy S wrote Oct 21, 2008
    • Fabfel,  I think you hit on the key!  Whatever program or way of eating you choose you must understand that this isn’t a ‘until I lose X pounds’ decision.  It has to be a lifetime commitment!  That is tough...I know it from personal experience but that is what it has to be.  

      That is why fad diets don’t work.  If you have to stop eating entire food groups to lose’ll never stick to it.

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      Julie Graves wrote Oct 25, 2008
    • I have found that exercise and a healthy diet has worked for me. As we age, the needs of the body change and so we have to modify what we put in and what we do as the changes take place. During my twenties I did hours of high impact aerobics, weight lifting and running on the beach (I grew up in southern California). As I entered my thirties, I began to experience knee injuries. It was my body telling me that I needed to make a change, so I started doing yoga, reduced the number of miles I ran and replaced high-impact with the Stairmaster or Eliptical machine. Now, I think I’ve found the perfect balance: cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. I do 30 to 40 minutes of cardio work,  which could be parking down the street from my kids school and running there and back, stairmaster, jogging on the treadmill or walking fast at a high incline or the eliptical machine. I work out with weights three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes. Weight training builds lean muscle mass that burns calories super fast and boasts the metabolism like nothing else. Flexibility training (stretching, yoga, pilates) is key to preventing injuries and it feels really good after all the other work.  

      Sound like I live at the gym, I don’t. I go to the gym three days a week and combine the workouts; 30-40 minutes on a cardio machine (boring, but you can do anything for that long and I catch up on my reading) followed by 30-45 minutes of weights and body weighted exercises and 10 or 15 minutes of stretching. I can get it all in within an hour or hour and a half if I have time. Sometimes I stretch at home in the evening if I can’t do it all at the gym. If you can’t stand the gym, do it outside.  

      About food: I eat healthy food. I don’t eat fried stuff or saucy foods, because I don’t like it. I love chocolate and cake and muffins and I figure if I eat ‘good’ for most of the time I can have a muffin when I want one. Instead of thinking about what I can’t eat, I focus on eating veggies and fruit, some protein and occasional carbs everyday. I usually have a treat everyday because I have to live for my soul too. I also, take high quality nutritional supplements (A good food grade multi-vitamin, flax seed oil, Vit-E with Selenium, Vit D3, and a B complex).

      My attitude toward food and exercise is born from a history with Bulimia, so I go for balance. I think that if we focus too much on achieving a goal weight and put a bunch of pressure on ourselves, the negative feelings that result from that kind of thinking will cause us to eat more and be depressed. It creates a crazy emotional cycle that perpetuates a negative feedback loop. That said, we need to be healthy. I strive for balance in my eating, exercise and attitude.

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