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Lost My Job

I am no longer employed at the day job.  Financially, this really SUCKS!  It wasn't the best paying job, it certainly wasn't a writing job and it wasn't a dream job, but it helped pay our bills and allowed me to write on the side.

The bosses came down last Friday, about 3:30.  Okay.   I thought when they both walked in "this is weird".  You see, the wife never came to this store unless there was some sort of La-di-dah function.  The husband was supposed to be with us every Tuesday, but he usually did a 15 minute "drive-by" sometime during the day and left in a hurry.

If you're thinking, this was a shock-you'd be wrong.  This day job was in the home remodeling/improvement  business.  So, if real estate and the market are in "the toilet", so is this business.  The three of us who ran this "trade only" store knew that business had dropped dramatically, but several people quit/retired/out on medical leave at the retail store and hadn't been replaced, so we thought of ourselves as okay. Not safe, but okay.

After all, we dealt with a very select group of interior designers, custom home builders and contractors who made it clear they would never go to the retail store.  Yet, we went from having a normal daily take of $15-20 thousand a day to less than that in a week.

Back to my loss-the owners came in, shut my office door and said in a very choked up manner that they no longer could afford my position.  They handed me my check and paper work to collect unemployment.  Which I promptly had my daughter help me sign up for within hours of my "release".

The wife told me to go home and have a good cry (which it seemed she was already doing for me) and call her after the weekend with any questions I might have.  Well I did, seems a weekend is long enough to forget me-she took 3 days and another phone call and e-mail from me to talk about  my profit-sharing money.  I hate having to chase people down.  Damn, excuse my French.

Anyway, I've decided that this was the shove I needed.  Time to stop writing for mere peanuts and really push myself to start writing full-time.  I got "to work" right away.  

By Saturday morning I had contacted all the PR people that have helped me locate subjects for all the articles I've been writing for the OC Register, told them all about losing the "day job" and asked if they had any suggestions, need for a free-lance writer or have heard of any jobs to please think of me.  I sent notes to writer friends, who sent the "congratulations" and told me to "go for this with both hands and hit the ground running".  Which I think I have.

I've applied for 4 PR jobs, signed up and put my resume on 3 different journalism job boards, I comb the media job area of Craigslist daily and have been tooting my own horn all week.

Okay, I haven't actually heard back from someone offering me a job, but I would imagine this is going to take a bit of time-even if the job outlook for all fields weren't so bleak.

As for the unemployment pay-woohoo (hint of sarcasm coming), I'm practically in like Flynn-I am probably going to receive a whopping $325 a week.  My daughter and a close friend warned me I wouldn't actually see a check for about a month.    

My daughter told me I should call my doctor and ask about disability.  I asked "why would I do that?"

"Mom, you've got RA, CRPS, degenerative discs in your neck and possibly fibromyalgia, you of anyone should qualify for disability!"

I don't like the idea.  I know I've not been feeling "my best" this year, but as long as I can move, I will.  Is that really weird?  I'd like real opinions here people.  

The funny thing is, I've only been out of work a few days and my RA has improved.  I haven't had to take an anti-inflammatory all week and only 1 pain-killer.  I'm thinking maybe working a full-time day job, plus free-lance writing and moderating the magazine forum may have been more than my body should have taken on!

I've said all along-the day job was getting in my way.  Look out world of journalism, here I come!


Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Meri Cain wrote Oct 3, 2008
    • Good additude! Stay possitive and possitive things will happen. Your body will feel better too. How exciting,a new venture in your life.I can’t wait to see what happends.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Cynthia Schmidt wrote Oct 3, 2008
    • Carine, if you’ve been paying into disability, then at some point you can consider it an option. It’s entirely up to you but it’s there if you need it. I agree with your daughter.

      On the writing front, I used to be acquainted with a young lady who worked for In Style magazine and People Magazine. She often talked about the way journalism was changing with the internet but had an overall positive look. With our world more global than ever, even writing for a publication oversees with an interest in American theme articles is open for grabs. And with the dollar weaker in foreign markets, at least for now, getting paid in the old U.S. greenback may seem like a bargain for those paying from across the pond.

      I also keep thinking of the woman who back in the 70’s was considered the “networking queen” of Orange County. Susan something. I wonder if she’s still putting people together professionally.

      You’ve already got some great contacts to tap into. Say, what about teaching cooking classes like Cathy Thomas?

      All I can say is, when it all comes together for you and they‘re clammering for your stories, you’d better be ready for your close up!

      Best to you

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Dee Dee Shaw wrote Oct 3, 2008
    • Good for you! I will warn you that disability isn’t that easy. And it takes longer to get.. and then you are limited in what you can legally make.
      I hope you land a job quickly. I am a bit of a closet writer myself, but would never dream of doing it under pressure of a deadline.
      I am glad to hear that your health issues are improving. I tell people all the time that stress can and will kill you. It wipes out your body’s ability to fight back. I have an interesting article on RA. It has been ‘sugar printed‘. A good quick book to read is called Miracle Sugars by Rita Elkin.  

      Keep us posted on the job hunt!

      Sharing Hope,


            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Carine Nadel wrote Oct 3, 2008
    • thank you all for your support.
      it really means a lot!

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