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I wonder, can we ever love anyone too much?  I don’t think so.  For there are so very many times that people feel so very alone in the world.  


Some people can be in a room filled with people and not have one person say a kind word to them.  Many weary people walk the roads and not a soul stops to see if they need a helping hand.  


People are embarrassed when they pull out their food stamps to pay for groceries.  I do not how you feel about this situation, but I don’t look at the food stamps.  I try to look at the human being.  For in every situation, their is human being involved.  


I knew of woman who was once in a grocery store lane.  She saw an an elderly woman who didn’t have enough food stamps to complete her small purchase.  The woman had her head bent away from the other customers, and the younger woman sensed her shame.  So the younger slipped to the front and squeezed some dollar bills into her hand and whispered, “Don’t worry“.  Their eyes met for a moment, and they smiled.  The younger woman slipped to the back of the line.  I do believe the younger woman touched an angel that day.


It’s sad... so many assumptions, so many worries about approaching strangers, yet isn’t it the same now as it was when Christ walked this earth?   I have no memory of Him having qualms about touching anyone even if they were filthy or diseased.  He just loved... and gave... to everyone.  He even tried to teach the people how to live.


The coin can flipped as well.  What if you are that stranger, or that person who needs human contact but is ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help?   Babies die from lack of human touch.


I read once that loving God means loving and giving until it hurts.  It means that you forget about yourself, and you put God, and other people ahead of yourself.  It means stripping yourself of pride, prejudice and arrogance.  It means forgetting about what you want and what you think is important, and learning to focus on what God thinks is important.  It means getting down to the basics, because in reality, that is exactly where we started.  Being loved by God.


I want to start loving God until it hurts, to start loving Him and His world and His children the way He wants me to.  I want to learn to ask for hugs, and for comfort.  I want to get back to the basics.


Member Comments

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      Angie08 wrote Feb 20, 2008
    • I’ve often asked myself that. When you love someone so much, what do you do with it.

      Yes, you may nurture and support, but what if it exceeds just that?

      That story about the grocery store is amazing. I think that if everyone did a good deed every once in a while the world would be a better place.

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      Alexandra Boyd wrote Feb 21, 2008
    • This is very touching.  The grocery store girl is an amazing person. If only everyone could just be a little more like that we would be in a perfect world.

      The movie Stephanie brings up, Pay It Forward, is a great movie and just shows that if everyone did a good deed and brought that positivity into someone elses life, that person would pass that positivity into yet another person’s life. Imagine that!

      I always try to be considerate of others and help people out, and this is an extra reminder to be more aware of the people around me and to extend a helping hand.

      Thanks Joey!

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