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Love it

I have to admit-for me, lunch is one of those "toss away" meals.  I'm usually using that time for power-walking, writing articles or holding interviews.  So, that means that I don't really "do lunch".

When I worked a traditional job, I made myself great salads-in fact; one was so popular that it was published in Simple and Delicious.  Both in one of their issues and in a hard back cookbook.  It was also published in one of the special issues of a Woman's Day Light Eating magazine in a pared down 3 item suggestion.  Check way back on some of my first columns if you'd like the recipe-I call it Greek Cranberry Salad (or something close to that).

Today's meal for me, more often than not, is my own personal crudités tray served with some hummus.  It's healthy, low fat and calories and I can sit it here on my desk and use it as a paper weight while going between various sheets of information.

Plus it gives my 13 year-old lab mix Sunshine some exercise.  She adores carrots and spares no means to get herself up the flight of stairs to help me eat them.  Lucky for me I usually have celery, jicama and sometimes mushrooms and bell peppers on the plate.

Lunch is an important meal though.  Most nutritionists suggest never skipping a meal and even stress the importance of eating every 2-3 hours to keep blood sugar levels and hunger at bay.  And it does keep you from gorging yourself while preparing dinner.

That said-let's talk about lunch for the holiday season!

Again, there will be lots of get-togethers at the office (if you're in one).  My husband has already had a potluck and a group lunch to celebrate and give out the yearly awards.  When I worked at my day job-2 of 3 of us had birthdays and the bosses bought us lunch.  

But let's face it, as women of a certain age bracket, whatever we eat and no matter how fit we are we seem to have a problem with our metabolisms!  This makes it fairly difficult to enjoy whatever goodies and special meals that surround us during the day.

On Friday-let's discuss the many (or few) ways we can eat, drink and be merry without bringing out the worn out sweat pants and hand-me-down hubby t-shirts!

Love it

Member Comments

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      Kathy Holmes wrote Dec 8, 2009
    • My family has always had a slow metabolism. My cousin once asked, “Does this mean it won’t slow down when we get older - it’s slow enough already?” Nope, it just gets slower and slower. Pretty soon, we won’t be able to eat anything. As a foodie, that’s just unacceptable. lol! I’ve discovered those Hostess 100-calorie snacks that have 5 grams of fiber - can you believe that? I put a dab of low-fat margarine, heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds and it tasks like a yummy, fattening cinnamon roll. Now if only they had entrees like that. :)

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Carine Nadel wrote Dec 8, 2009
    • okay, that sounds delish to this cinnamon roll lover.  and fiber to boot!  Good tip-I’ll try and add it to a tip column really soon.

      thanks Kathy, from another foodie w/ a bad personal thermostat

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