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By Anita Briggs, DCEd, MSc, DAc

Consider that money is pure potential.  All potential that is utilized from the love that you are becomes a purely beneficent force that acts on the world as well as on you. If you have many negative associations and fears about money, you are not able to view it in its essence of pure potential. You then project a lot of dysfunction on it, and money will become dysfunctional for you.  All potential that is yours in latency is best engaged and utilized, otherwise it becomes weighty and burdensome and hinders personal evolution. If you want to attract money in your life and be able to enjoy it without guilt, you must heal your relationship to it and reconnect to it in its essence. If money is a problem for you, then continuing to repel it will only perpetuate stagnancy in your life and in your sense of who you are. A problem with money is a challenge—a call to action if you will, to enlarge your sense of self and expand it into the realm of powerful co-creator on earth. This exercise will help you to value and love money in a manner that supports your highest good in life and the highest good of all. It is an exercise to spiritualize and render functional your relationship to money, so that you can greatly benefit from being completely supported in the world of form and able to move forward in a way where you may engage fully in it.  

It is recommended that you do the exercise before you run the corresponding audio master activation. The master activation will work to clear all the negative beliefs that you have identified, and anchor in all the positive ones through body codings that will accelerate you toward a completely new perception of money that will attract the resource into your life.

In this exercise, you will imagine all the positive energies, capacities and freedoms that an unlimited supply of money would impart to you. Of course, I am referring to money that enters on the stream of personal fulfilment (not through greed or competitive tactics in acquiring it), as you cannot be one way in life in terms of how you attract money, and another way in how you utilize it.  Acquiring money on the competitive plane does not expand your being—in fact the hardening effect it has works in quite the opposite way. But when money is a by-product of true self-expression and creativity, it becomes proof and support of your expansion as a co-creator of good in the world.

By seeing the immense value to you in life that unlimited inner wealth—expressed as money in outer life—can have, you will reprogram all negative associations and fears about money.  All our fears around having money are the very challenges we need to face and master in order to break through our self-limitation. Doing the exercise repeatedly is also highly recommended, as it will entrain the subconscious mind to seek for ways in which money will impart immense value for you, further magnetizing it and its many benefits to you.

The exercise will help you to value and love money, so that it will hold the proper vibration for you to attract it from the love that you are. You will align with money as a means to do good and express value, to value others, feel valued, strive for greater value etc. If we all had eyes for value in the world and aligned to it deeply, soon everything in production or in creation would be valuable—everything would be made with love and as an expression of everyone's personal sense of value. The world and all its creations would express deep respect for all life.


What would abundant and unlimited money do for you in life? Consider and list all the positive things that having money can do for you in life. Below are some possibilities. Consider each one and retain it on your list if it speaks to you, and feel free to add your own.  

·Relieves stress.

·Opens up possibilities.

·Opens the world up to you

·Makes you feel that anything you do is purely a choice (not because you have to) gives you more freedom to do things by choice...purely out of inner priorities and desires. So that what you do has your desire/signature on it and expresses who you are more.

·Makes you more generous and magnanimous, kinder and more supportive of others and eager to share your good fortune with them

·Makes you feel valued for your contribution, so that you are naturally impelled to strive for greater output of value. (Not to get more money, but because of the joy of feeling deeply valued.) And as you feel valued, you can see value in others more easily (see below).

·Confirms to you a sense of success, which enhances self-respect, as well as confidence to have even greater impact in the world.

·Helps to have a genuine desire to see others prosper. It's much easier to bless others when you are fully satisfied and fulfilled in that regard.

·Increases tendency to look outward in life for ways to improve conditions. When your personal life is thriving is the right time to spread your influence, as your very being will be supportive to others.

·Helps you enjoy life more—with unlimited choice, you will do only what is important to you. In this regard, it also clarifies priorities and helps you to honor them. This in turn renders your choices more powerful as they will be made in greater freedom.

·Helps you appreciate value that others put out in world. Whenever you see value, you can celebrate it, partake of and enjoy it. So you can acknowledge others and this helps support them to create grander things and experience being valued.

·Reduces neediness. When there is nothing that you cannot have or experience, you feel you have it all. E.g. if you can travel anywhere you want at any time, then you are no longer pining for travel...and will go to places that really speak to you, when the time is right.

·Increases patience, as you are not needy of anything and you know everything will come eventually.  This state of being is very powerful toward accelerated manifestation, as "infinite patience produces immediate results".  

·Releases a lot of fear about what life might hold for you, thereby increases a sense of security that life holds good for you, and thus you are creative of more good and you reduce fear in the world.

·As possibilities open to you, you begin to see possibility in everything—helps you to think without limitation and thereby become a stronger visionary and agent of change in the world.

·As a large factor in survival thinking is taken care of, it graces a person with the space to explore the deeper meaning of life, and find ways to continually thrive in life.

·Deepens sense of gratitude, as a person feels the entire created world is there for them to experience. You will truly and deeply feel blessed and know that the Kingdom/Queendom is within you.  


When you ponder on all the good that money (unlimited potential and access to anything) can impart, you begin to see money as a wonderful energy that really does so much good in a person’s life. Money is a beneficent potential that is God’s support for you.  It is the means of exchange of value in the world, and God will utilize it to take care of your needs.  

"_Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed. For your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you._" (Matthew 6:31-33)

Seeking the kingdom of God means to find the god-self within. Find your true self...and live within reality and truth...and all things shall be yours that you have need of.  And how does God add things to you?  Through the established means, which is largely the money system.  It can come via people and other resources, but money is one of the important means that God supplies your needs.  If you devalue money and say it's not important to you, you turn down God's gift and support that acts as confirmation of the value you are putting forth in the world. And when you stifle the means of confirming your value, you eventually feel invalidated and lost in terms of self-value, and you can lose incentive to express greater value, as there are no recognizable means to measure it. Money serves as an objective way to have your value confirmed by the world at large.  

Read over the above list with the ones you've added. Let yourself feel it all deeply. Now welcome any negative objections that you are feeling about any of the above statements or about having money in general.  

For example:

·I will become lazy and debauched.

·I shouldn't need money to enjoy life.  Money doesn't bring happiness.

·(Personal one) If I am wealthy I might not want to do clients, and that’s a real path of growth for me—I love the deeper connection to humanity that I derive from that.

·I will be isolated from current friends.

·(Personal one) I won't be forced to grow.

·Having money would be too much pressure to do great things.

·People will judge me as immoral or scrutinize me to see if I deserve it. I'll have to prove myself to them.

·I might mess it up or lose makes life too complicated.

·(Personal one) I might be arrogant or disconnected from the experience of others...


The above are just a few examples. Dig as deep as you can to uncover your fears around money. Understand that if you have blocked abundance, which is the natural state of creation, then there is some part of you that thinks that money is unsafe for some reason, and that part is afraid to have money for fear of experiencing something unwanted.
Now read each negative and consider what you would rather experience—so transform the negative into a positive, which may well represent a challenge for you.  

For my personal ones, I realized that with money the opportunities to grow would be far greater!  I have an innate thirst for enlightenment that will never go away...I realize this. So money would only open the door to working with some amazing personalities and experience far greater growth. This personal fear is one that I've outgrown, and it's important for me to consciously acknowledge and release it now.

Positive: “_Great flows of money into my life support me in having amazing experiences of personal growth and enlightenment. I am connecting with enlightened beings that I am meant to learn from.” _

The part about clients—-I saw myself seeing clients at half the time, but the work was even more powerful as I was a more empowered being. I even enjoyed it more because it was purely a choice out of passion for the work and love of people, and I was being highly valued doing it.

Positive: “_I am grateful and blessed to be able to work intimately with clients for our mutual growth. I commit to this work by breaking free of all limitations within me and continually going deeper into my Self. I welcome money to increasingly support me to deepening the value I give others and deepening my sense of being valued in this work.“_

The arrogant and disconnected part...I realized it was not arrogance. It was instantly clear to me that not mastering wealth fully is a FALSE humility on my part, and false humility is the hiding place of arrogance.... this was an eye opener and the result is that I feel ready to embrace true humility-the false humility and arrogance feels like an old pattern that no longer fits.  

Positive: “_I am a humble, grateful, and responsible steward of all the gifts God is granting to me. I welcome GREAT WEALTH, now that I know that God is the only true source of power in my life“_

With the Prosperity Codes II module, all the items on the list of positives about money (including all the personal negatives that you transformed to positive) will be turned into body activations for you, reprogramming your relationship to money deeply. But even without the body codings the exercise is powerful and can open you to allow money to flow in more freely. Money is such a positive force in life when you are coming from love!

The exercise can be repeated periodically to strengthen a positive connection to money and uncover deeper issues that may be present and ready to be released.

This exercise was extracted from the upcoming Prosperity Codes II Audio Activations package, which contains powerful [Link Removed] for more details on this phenomenal product that is guaranteed to shift your relationship to money and cultivate wealth consciousness rooted in the eternal Self.

Anita, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.


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