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By Anita Briggs, DCEd, MSc, DAc.

Many people have a love-hate relationship with money. They fear not having enough, feel undeserving of it, can't accept it easily, feel incompetent around it so that it's not safe, judge others for having it so that it's not safe as others will judge them if they have it, associate money with evil, immoral conduct, etc. Others allow money but have it confused with success, validation, power, love, etc. and are insatiable with it and also afraid of not having enough.  The more they acquire, the emptier and more despairing they feel.  

The number one issue at the root of relationship problems is related to unresolved issues that get played out in the arena of money.  Why is money so loaded for so many people? Because most of us have lost the understanding that money is an expression of consciousness—that our consciousness is the source of our wealth—and so we look for sources of money on the outside: in a business, a spouse, family, etc.  And when we look outside the self for anything, we end up looking outside for everything. We then find our self-worth in our net worth, our self-acceptance in our level of success, or we may attach our morality to our lack, and so forth.

You are a being of pure potential—you have the blueprint for new creations and the means and capacities to enable you to bring these forth. Your potential realized results in growth and expansion of being. How you ensure that you realize your potential is by attuning to your value.  You were created for the purpose of expressing value in the world. When you express value in the world, you enrich the world and it becomes more abundant by you.

When you connect to the value within, you will express that value in outer life. Your true value to the world and ultimately to creation is your BEING expressed in form. The form is not important—it can be a business that creates products, works of art, parenthood, or a vocation—what matters is that you manifest creations that express your which you give of yourself to the world. Giving of self is not self-sacrificing so long as it is joyful and unconditional; rather it results in self-aggrandizement (in the best sense) or self-expansion. As you give of self without conditions, your sense of self expands and your inner potential and capacity for life increases. You give of self for the pure joy of experiencing your ever expanding self in the world. In this manner, you are grateful to all those who will receive from you, because they afford you the opportunity to grow. Though there will be money transactions involved in this process which reflect the value given, that is a by-product of giving/creating rather than the motivation for it.

The more you connect to value in yourself, the more you will connect to value in outer life. Valuing is respect and love. You will see value in others, you will gravitate to value in what you purchase, you will uphold value in all your transactions, and importantly, you will value money as something that allows greater good in your life.  By your valuing, you will appreciate and cultivate value in the world. Value as a motivation in all that you do in life, which aligns you deeply with the principles of abundant living, is discussed in much greater detail in the Prosperity Codes II, a deeply transformative module that will clear a lot of misalignment preventing you from being in true wealth consciousness.  


As a simple exercise over the next week, make a point of becoming very conscious of value in all your monetary exchanges. When you pay a bill, let yourself feel very grateful for the service you have received—if you cannot feel grateful, then maybe you need to question whether the service is of true value to you. At the grocery store, let yourself feel the value of all that you are purchasing. So that when you put things in the grocery cart, you are willingly acknowledging the value in it, and are grateful to those who have contributed to making that item available to you. Be mindful with every item you place in the shopping car. Then when the order is being rung up, allow yourself to feel joyful and fully committed to choosing to exchange your money for each of the valuable food items you are getting. Do this with every monetary exchange over a full week period.  

You will notice that you buy more value—better quality, less by impulse, etc.  You will also begin to feel more respectful in life, as you connect to value in things. The subtle effects of doing this exercise are very important as they will redirect you in a new course in life, where value, respect, self-worth all begin to increase.

In Making Friends With Money - Part II, we continue on this theme and present a very important exercise that is all about releasing blocks to money as a means to releasing self-limitation, and opening to unlimited inner and outer prosperity.  The exercise can irrevocably change the way you view money and its importance to your personal evolution.

Both articles are extracted from an upcoming product, Prosperity Codes II Audio Activations package, which contains powerful body activations, vibrationally encoded images, and enhanced trigger affirmations to support all the paradigm shifts toward strong wealth consciousness.  Visit the website for more details on the availability of this phenomenal product that is guaranteed to shift your relationship to money and cultivate wealth consciousness rooted in the eternal Self. ““:[Link Removed]

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