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When working on my undergrad degree, I took every psych course IUPUI offered, except Motivation & Learning! What would I need with that I thought. Well, I was wrong. How folks learn & are motivated to do anything, are very important to our life pursuits. Certainly to our SUCCESS!

I chose this topic for today because I’m considered a “motivator“. I don’t know if I am or not, but others think so. And it’s Monday-first day of a new work week at the end of the 1st quarter of the year. So it seems appropriate to say a few words about motivation.

Most of us here are what we call “self-starters” or women who get up in the morning with a plan of action in hand & rarin’ to go . We don’t need anyone to give us a nudge; tell us to get dressed, brush our teeth, etc. We have an inner urge to get things done. To accomplish and feel satisfied at the end of the day that we’ve done just that - accomplished something toward our ultimate goal.

How many of us know folks who are not motivated? Try our children when they were small and we had to continue to push them until they dressed, made their bed, ate breakfast and got off to school. Wore us out - at least it did me. Well some adults have never progressed much beyond that phase where someone has to push them to get anything done.

I don’t know about you, but folks of this particular ‘bent’ drive me @#&* (translated means “nuts“). It’s worse when delegation falls to them and then the “motivator” has to push,shove and otherwise continually make certain the delegated tasks are done. My mama used to say “I’d rather do it myself than have to continually remind you to do it!” (cleaning my room when I was a teen).

If we are to SUCCEED, we must become self-starters. And we must employ or otherwise utilize folks who are equally self-starting. If we don’t, then the frustration & irritation rises and no one ends up a winner.

Monday’s are good days to show up “motivated“. Not hyped, but eager, willing and ready to get the job done. It’s also an excellent time to take stock of those around you who are responsible for helping you get the job done. Ask yourself if they are “self-starters” or “other-starters” (meaning it takes others to get them started & moving). Do you find yourself irritated much of the time? Do you have to continually ask for updates, seek responses long after responses are due-in other words- push, press & scream inwardly!?

If so, then before beginning the 2nd quarter of the year; take stock of where you are. Are you reaching the goals you set in timely manner? Are those whose role it is to assist you, motivated to fulfill their role without anything more than a gentle nudge once in a great while? Do you have the right folks in the right positions?

Finally, and this may be the most important question you ask yourself. . . are you ready to stay the course? At least for the next quarter of the year. Can you get up in the a.m. with a strong desire to tackle what needs to be done and remain cheerful, energetic and- well, yes-motivated!

I have every good faith that each of you have the motivation & “self-starterism” it takes to stay the course, ride out the challenges & tackle whatever comes your way. And if you have to put a ‘knee’ to the backs of those around you. . . then be my guest!

Everyone will be the better for it!

Much love in your Monday,

Linda, a fellow journeyer
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      Mz. Queen wrote Mar 30, 2009
    • Well for starters I am a self starter. I depend on no one to assist me without prodding from a superior, I’m just thankful I don’t have to delegate the people I work with. I’ve been told that I influence people by the way I work, they want to do what I do after watching. I find it works better when I just do and other people remark about my work ethic and the “looky lous” either fall in or fall out.

         Today was a successful day for me just because I succeeded at making a difference in the life of my clients. They matter to me more than my coworkers.

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