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I’ve signed up for a “31-Day Challenge“. No, it’s not a diet plan or an exercise program. But it is an opportunity to improve skills I already possess and learn new ones along the way.

It’s the “ProBlogger” 31 days to a better blog. One might think that’s a total waste of time-after all, blogging is not something many of our women do. But it’s what I do and something that for the most part - I love!

Today’s task fits very neatly into an overall strategy for growing anything; whether blog skills or our own business. It’s the “chore” (and for me it is a chore) to come up with an “elevator pitch” for one’s blog. You know that thing you were taught to do in order to capture the attention of another at a networking event. Those cutesy jingle-type phrases one can deliver while riding from ground to the top floor.

Some years ago, I created what was referred to as an emotional marketing message! ‘Emotional’ because it was supposed to grab the ‘gut’ of the person listening to the words. A short phrase wrapped around feeling words designed to elicit a gut reaction & intrigue one’s listener.

I don’t have to walk (or write) very far from today’s assignment to find the elevator phrase for AFFILIATED WOMEN or THE CONNECTION STATION. A phrase I developed for a class in referral marketing is as good today as it was then. In fact, it’s more appropriate now than when I coined it only to be somewhat ridiculed by others in the class. It seems it didn’t grab anyone at the time.

“Together, we create a ‘virtual touch’ felt ‘round the world!”

It seemed a far stretch back in 04 & 05; but today it’s a (excuse the pun) virtual reality! We do touch lives. . . lives close to home and abroad. Women who come here on a regular basis - comment - get involved with others - are touched by what we scatter across cyberspace. I’m certainly glad I didn’t ‘cave’ to the immature reactions of a few when traveling through that class!

But the 31-day challenge isn’t about me & THE STATION. It’s about how it can be helpful to all of you. We live in difficult times & everyone is seeking the ‘magic bullet’ that will turn around our personal-professional economies, as well as that of the nation.

While I hate elevator anythings - I do know it’s important to grab the attention of over-stimulated folks as we ride the road of life. We have to say something that causes them to stop in their tracks; turn around & stare us in the face; and perhaps say “huh?”

Even folks who think they‘re not in business for themselves or in the marketplace at all - need an elevator phrase. Let me take Kat (in Greece) for example. She’s a professional teacher of English as a 2nd language. Her elevator phrase might be “I Teach Double-Talk!”

“Huh“, you say! Yes, Kat teaches Greek children and adults to speak English as a 2nd language. What a clever phrase to introduce what it is Kat does professionally (“clever” if I do say so myself).

Today, I’m challenging us to a 31-day challenge. A challenge to distill into a cap full what it is we do. What does our business or profession bring to the marketplace? Who does it target? How can it help them? What problem does it solve for others and what is my role in doing so?

Now that I’m on a roll, I could go on and on! But I won’t, however I will ask you to do the above. It’s a task that will lead to a succinct phrase you can create to grab the attention of the audience you have while riding an elevator anywhere.

Take pen and pad. Write out the answers to the questions above. In short concise statements (no ramblin’ allowed!). Tomorrow we’ll look at them to find how we can distill them further in order to come up with an attention-grabbing; gut-wrenching (well not that far perhaps) statement that will cause a chorus of “huh’s” from an elevator full of folks who might otherwise have cared less!

Have an awesome day with the beginning of THE CONNECTION STATION’s 31-Day Challenge!

Much love,

Linda, a fellow journeyer  

P.S. If the 31 Day CONNECTION STATION Challenge intrigues you; then join us by clicking the following link to sign on!
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