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Yesterday I was wondering what the MSM and cable news shows would do once Tuesday has come & went. I have to admit I was somewhat amused. Amused because they’ve had the airwaves to themselves as “johnny-one note” for months - actually YEARS! I laughed out loud when I realized they will have to find a new “dead horse” to beat in order to fill 24 hours a day 7 days a week! “Tough toenails,” I thought.

The same is true for us. We come to the end or close of an event or project with a sigh of relief. Many of us plan to take a “break” before setting out on another road of accomplishment for another round of projects. If not, we at least can let our ‘focus’ rest while we anticipate what we’ll do next. I recall when I wound up a project for my home county & was sitting on the porch reading “Networking Times” - a rare treat to sit on the porch & read; I asked an almost ‘out loud’ question. . . “Lord, what’s next?” Well it wasn’t a split-second later that I got my answer. “Online Coaching” came the thought - LOUD n’ CLEAR! Just so happens I was reading an article about the EBook - “The Virtual Handshake” and social networking (or Web 2.0) on the internet. The connection between the booming thought & what I was reading was too obvious to ignore!

We do come to points in our lives where we wind up one thing - take a breath - and then on to the next. It is often in that “take a breath” moment that we ‘muse’ over “where do we go from here?” What is next on the plate we call “our life“?

Those times of indecision or lack of understanding can be nervous to say the least. I recall a sense of ‘angst’ or anxiety at those periods of time. It so happens I WANT to know “where do I go from here“! Don’t play games of ‘hide n seek’ with me - just give it to me plain & simple.

But that’s usually not the case. We have to take what direction we have, engage in self-discovery or at least ‘discovery’ at some level in order to get a ‘handle’ on “what’s next“.

We have entered the period of a year when everyone starts thinking about & making plans for the new year. Part n’ parcel of that process is to take a ‘gander’ at what went before. . . the past number of months since 1/1/08. And the whole ‘strategic planning’ process lands on our desks. I remember when I was in fundraising development as a corporation development officer how I hated this time of the year! We were supposed to come up with something “off
the wall” or exceedingly creative that would engage a group of donors who were savvy enough at that time to know exactly what we were up to & got a great laugh out of our manuverings to make it all sound “new, unique & unusual“.  They knew better . . . and so did I. It was the same ole’ message tied up with a different colored ribbon!

The same has been true for me when one season of s-t-r-e-t-c-hing in my spiritual growth has occurred. Assuming I had learned the lessons I was supposed to have learned (finally I might add), I had a few moments to sit down & rest before tackling the new knowledge that would come sprinting down the highway in my direction. It always seem to come sooner than I expected. . . or wanted!

Most of us who are motivated women wanting to pursue our passions & achieve our purpose are always looking for the “where do we go from here“. We want to be actively engaged in whatever it is we love to do. While the previous life project may have taken its physical, emotional and psychological toll. . . we are always ready to “gear up” and go again. That is if we have a wee-bit of breathing room before digging into that “something new“.

So where do we go from here? Well like most women engaged in the ‘business of life‘, we will take a glance backward to review how the plan for ‘08 has materialized. We’ll study what worked & what didn’t. We’ll look to see if any of the 08 pieces are yet to be completed. Finally we’ll want to know if those that have a shelf-life longer than 12 months are where they are supposed to be as we move toward 1/01/09.

After that, we’ll have some idea of how to proceed with the planning for a coming new year with all the hopes, excitement and intrique that a new 12 months has to offer. Or is it what we imagine or dream it has to offer.

It’s Sunday of course. A day when we‘re supposed to be “at rest“. But I think we can let our minds wander over familiar territory gone before & mentally assess what it might look like when we get to the “where do we go from here“!

Have an enjoyable day and don’t let the mind wander too far off the ‘reservation’ of rest!

Linda, a fellow journeyer


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