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My family has its share of eccentric people, my Aunt is a hoarder, my cousin is a hoarder, my mother is a secret hoarder,meaning my dad will only let her hoard certin things. Well my Granddaughter who is 7 has inherited the hoarder gene in the family. She has bags and bags of things she wants to keep which includes all her Christmas gifts which are like brand new, her birthday gifts which includes money(approximetly fifteen dollars at last count) and her Easter candy. The money she knows every penny she has and knows if someone has taken a quarter of it.

The bags are all placed in a row against the wall on her bed. It looks as if she is ready for a diaster to happen and shes packed and ready for it. She refuses to let anyone but her mother or myself look at her things. Her mother has to convince her that old candy needs to be discarded and is not healthy with three layers of mold and stuck all together.

Why is she like this? I wonder to myself when the answer is right there with my aunt, cousin and mother. She comes by it honestly.

My Aunt is very eccentric she collects everything and makes pathes through the house so she and my uncle can move. Every inch of her house has pink, green or torqouise paint some where and glitter. Glitter everywhere on the ceilings, floors, walls, fabrics, everywhere! My aunt also loves to paint so she has things painted on doors, walls, floors, headboards, toilet tank and shower door, I could go on and on.

My aunt is also a QVC fanatic thats where she orders verything I mean everything except her medication and groceries and she would do that if possible. My aunt also believes that aloe vera cures everything if you got an ill or an ache she will tell you aloe vera will cure it.

My cousin bless her heart not as bad with the paths through the house but she hoards jewlery, clothes, skin care products,lets just say Avon loves her she is keeping that business thriving. She has 4 tall dressers PACKED with jewelry, she has no idea what she has just that its there. Her upstairs has been turned into one giant closet she buys clothes in bulk. Meaning if she likes one shirt she gets it in every color they have same with shorts or skirts. Bath products fill her bathrooms and in boxes upon boxes in her upstairs" closet".

My mother she saves every card that anyone has ever sent her, she also is a jewelry addict but my Dad put a halt on that after the moved the last time. My Mom save rubber bands, bag ties, string, plastic bags small things that my Dad doesn't really notice until he can't close a drawer.

I could easily picture my Mom, Aunt and cousin being bag women collecting and hoarding as they happily go through life content with the fact they have it if they need it.

My granddaughter, a third generation hoarder, maybe its a good thing shes allergic to cats for future purposes she won't be known as that old woman with 100 cats.

Bless their hearts I love them all, and am blessed not to have that paticular gene. No No not me, I don't have thatgene. I received the family fat gene but thats another story...


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