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Love it

As most of you know my husband has been in the hospital this past week.  It was a scary event and now we are dealing with a staph infection acquired when he had surgery May 12th.  What makes is so serious is the location of the infection...right next to the spine.  

Anyway he had wonderful nurses who took really good care of him.  We have no complaints.  The last nurse he had Wednesday night was like no other registered nurse we had ever had or experienced. I forgot her name and how I did is a mystery. She was very attentive and made sure my husband was comfortable.  As we talked to her we figured out we were dealing with a “country come to town” type of nurse.  estatic  

We were watching American Idol and while in our room she stopped for a few minutes and watched too.  We talked about the last two contestants and she told me how Scotty’s song reminded her of her little girl that died in 1991.  I immediately felt so sorry for her in what she had been through. She talked for a minute or two and then she was off to see her other patients.  

I left the hospital after American Idol.  A short while later my husband said she came back into the room to give him his antibiotic.  She was flushing out his picc line and glanced down and saw his gun magazines on the table.  She then proceeds to tell him that she owned a pink snub nose something type of gun.  My husband says “oh really?”  She proceeds to tell him in her very country voice that she has only killed one person.  My husband says “isn’t that one too many?” She then says that she was 10 years old when she did it.  A man was trying to rob her father’s liquor store and she came out and shot him right between the eyes.  Phillip laid their in disbelief in what he was hearing.  LOL

She then tells him that she recently had her land surveyed and found out that she had 10 more feet on one side that she didn’t realize she had.  Her neighbors who she must not get along with decided they were going to walk the line of the property that they still thought belonged to them.  She said, “I showed them a line.  I took my machine gun and went outside and shot right down my new surveyed line and made a trench with it.  Yep..I showed them a line.” LOL  My husband is laughing at this point and can’t believe this nurse is packing.  She tells him that the sheriff comes out and says,“Ms. So & So...are you shooting up here?”  She says, “yes I am and I will show you what I’m shooting.”  She proceeds to show the sheriff her machine gun and tells him that if they come on her property she is going to shoot them too.  The sheriff states she cannot be shooting anyone and to please call him instead of shooting anyone.  She didn’t say what happened after that but I’m guessing she didn’t shoot them.  LOL

Then she tells my husband that a patient’s husband who apparently was a wife beater called up there and threatened to kill his wife and all the nurses up there.  Well Ms. So & So nurse gets scared and goes down to her car and gets her gun...loads it..and cocks it..and puts in her purse.  She tells the other nurses not to touch her purse that she has a gun loaded and cocked and ready to fire if this guy shows up.  The other nurses get scared and speak to a supervisor. The supervisor talks to Ms.So & So and says you can’t bring that loaded gun up here.  She proceeds to tell the supervisor that those security guards downstairs do not have guns and how are they going to stop this nut.  The nursing supervisor states that having a loaded gun on the premises was a way to get fired.  Ms So & So says, “well are you going to fire me?” Nursing supervisor says, “no but I want you to take that gun back to your car.”  Ms. So & So states, “I rather be fired than dead!!!”  LOLestaticestaticestatic  She tells the nursing supervisor that if that guy shows up she would shoot him right between the eyes before he had a chance to get off the elevator.  

My husband is thinking where in the world did they find this woman?????  He did not tell me about this nurse until yesterday because I think he was in SHOCK!!!!!!!estaticestaticestatic

Of course this is not near as funny as hearing my husband tell it in the country voice this woman had.
I have always said that I would never hold anything against anyone that has lost a child.  I probably would act crazy too if I lost a child.  But despite the crazy stories this woman shared with my husband,she was a very good nurse and she was good to my husband.  And...she made him laugh!!!

Love it

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