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I am on this journey not knowing the destination. I recently changed my entire life. I was a complete career woman working my entire life up until 6 mos ago. I moved out of a state where my family and friends are. I have moved away from everything I know and love. Ok well I did move to be with my husband and I do love him too. I always said that if I had more time I would do this that or other. Well I have the time now. Without a goal in mind I seem to be without purpose so I am wandering. Wandering is how I found Fab40. No intent no purpose but there it was. And I have enjoyed it and will continue to. I wonder tho if I had opened myself to a journey with no destination before now what else would I have discovered? I planned on trying to paint oils, do photography, and volunteer work. That was my plan when I moved here. I haven’t done any of that yet. I have taken on the journey of cooking. For those who know me well they would laugh. Cooking to me was bag salad and frozen chicken breasts. So I call a friend and ask her about a recipe or spice and she laughs but supports me. So when I cooked an entire dinner for Thanksgiving that was a huge deal. So much so I took pics to send to my sisters. I know they think my husband cooked, he didn’t!
I planned on exercising more but find I am moving less. I have tinkered with pilates, yoga and hip hop abs. They are fun and I will continue to play with them. There has also been more awareness to my food. I actually eat better now that I have time.
Should I feel guilty for not doing more? I hope not since I am actually taking the time to smell the roses. But I have to tell you it is a challenge sometimes since I am borderline type A personality. I am driven, ambitious and generally motivated to excell normally. I still struggle with the word house wife but maybe I am supposed to succeed at being that. Will my journey keep me on this path or will it lead me elsewhere?


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      Cynthia Schmidt wrote Dec 8, 2008
    • This could be a really lovely time of self discovery for you. You have the opportunity to tailor your days the way you want. You can choose to move or sit quietly. You can choose to work or not. Clear the guilt away, it’s just creating an obstruction, and allow your life to unfold before you. You said you are a type A personality by nature so you will be anything but lazy. When the time is right, that personality will kick back into gear, on you terms.

      Best to you

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      Jenz ~ wrote Dec 8, 2008
    • Good morning Vicki.
      I don’t think you should feel guilty. It takes time to iron out the kinks when you make a major change. I may be doing the same in the near future & fully expect to go through some of the same things, which to me seem natural. (Hopefully for me though, I’ll be working too much to think. lol)
      Anyway, do you have new friends where you are? I know it may sound corny, but maybe write down what you want to be doing or what your ideal life looks like~ then make it happen. :) You seem ultra skilled & I have all the confidence that you’ll accomplish anything you set your mind to doing.
      Let yourself paint, get into photography and cooking etc. Don’t feel guilty.
      Like Alicia Keys sings.... “I AM Superwoman....YES I AM!!”
      (Listen to the song~ it’s on my page. :)

      I’m done rambling now. lol
      Best of luck to you & your new exciting endeavors!!

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      Peejay64 wrote Dec 8, 2008
    • Vikki,

      Thanks for sharing this with us.  I know EXACTLY how you feel.  Moving across the country to the Pac NW was an adventure for sure, but all of our dearest friends and family are in the Midwest.  

      I work, but I don’t enjoy it.  I am looking forward to the new year and the opportunity to move on to newer, more interesting, challenging things.  I have no idea what I’ll do, but I have already given my boss plenty of notice that after the 1st of the year, there will be changes.  The biggest change will be not working there and then....who knows? I would love to find opportunities to volunteer in areas that interest me and will benefit others.  

      Have you met any neighbors or potential girlfriends yet?

      One of the first things I did out here was host a Tastefully Simple party and invited all my neighbors.  A few of them raised their eyebrows, thinking it was probably a little unusual for the newbie to be doing that, but I figured...“if the mountain won’t come to Mohammed...Mohammed must go to the mountain”  (I think that’s how the saying goes!)  

      Anyway, I encourage you to find opportunities to use your gifts, share them with others, and meet other remarkable women.  Don’t rule anyone out as a friend or connection, either!  

      With hope & encouragement,

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