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Love it

Mrs. Radford your MRI shows many lesions in the brain and spinal base. This shows us that you have Multiple Sclerosis...

I had heard of it, but only about annette funicello and richard pryor. (although he had some serious drug issues as well)

That was the day my life changed forever. My first reation was a minute of silence, then I looked at the doctor and said. “Does this mean I can get a handicapped parking thingy?” I remember he looked at me and smiled and said I was going to be just fine, and yes I could. lol

They immediately started me on intra-muscular injections weekly, Avonex. I did them at home. I got so good at it sometimes I never even felt the 2in needle going onto my thigh. But, on the rare occasion I hit a nerve, well you can imagine.  

I was fitted for an ankle brace. Oh, my ankle problem is called ‘a foot drop‘. The nerves in my brain that control the nerves in my ankle were/are dead, so my ankle pretty much did what it wanted to as no signals were being sent to it. That would have been nice to know, like yesterday. tongue out So now I was being fitted for an Afo Drop L-Foot Brace.

I was not on any anit-d’s yet, just doing the injection and taking a couple of things for my tremors, spiders, and shakes. hmmmm sounds like a song. lol  

Within a couple of months things started changing. I could no long carry my babies as my arms would get so weak. I could no longer go on walks with them as my legs would not carry me far. I could no longer sit outside and play with them as the sun and heat knocked me out. This was not how it was supposed to be at 33 years old. I was gonna be the soccer mom, the carpool mom the cool mom that all the kids wanted to be around. I guess life had other plans.

I was having severe mood swings. One minute happy, one minute crying. My sister got me in touch with one of her friends that also had MS. The first thing she asked me was if I was on an anti-d. I told her no.

She explained that MS in itself is a depressant as well as the Avonex injections and that I should get to my neuro soon. I did just that. He prescribed Paxil and the difference it made was amazing. Thus began my anti-d career to find just the right one.

This was just the beginning.

The next couple of years were hard as my MS was progressing quite quickly. In that time I had 2 second opinions and both were the same; You have MS my dear. Sadly I was no longer classfied as RRMS (relapsing-remitting) Now I was on to secondary progressive. Although, a doctor at UCLA said she would classify me as primary-progressive if she did not know my history. frown

Soon the crutch cane(s) I had been using were not longer effective. I was on to a walker. Wow, a walker at 35. So not fair.

The depression came back no matter how positive I tried to be and no matter how well I ate and no matter many positive vibes I got.  

Little did I know how bad it was going to get and how much it was affecting my family...

Love it


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