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I am on a sabbatical.

Not from work, not from my roles as wife or mother.
I am officially on a News Sabbatical.

For too long my head has been spinning with arguments in the news over the global economy, stock markets, oil, war, fighting, death and taxes.

I’m done.  I am checking out.

I no longer listen to the radio in my car - like I'm gonna find a station that plays "All Oriental, All The Time," (quick!! where's my To-Do List?)   Of course my iPod, filled with almost 3,000 songs, takes priority.  And the added benefit of knowing the music, as any dancer will tell you, is so valuable.

My TV is not on during the day, and even at night I am too busy to watch it.  Actually, I make myself busy.  I cannot bring myself to watch watch FOX, CNN, or other news outlets any more... if I want to hear nonsense and yelling, I’ve got my kids for that.  

But what I have resolved myself to be is an AVID INVESTOR!

Stocks, Bonds, CDs???? -- ummm, no.  (although there are some good "sales" right now)

I am really analyzing how I invest my time—because I know that there is a “sure-thing” payoff.  I don’t need Larry Summers or Brenda Buttner to remind me that the best thing I can be investing right now is my Time.

Bellydance Practice—- My Ab Rolls really SUCK!
More Cardio at the Gym—- I have a pair of Blegs* and I’m not happy
Language Studies—- carrying on conversations with myself in different languages is NOT the best way to keep my skills up, it is however, an excellent way to get people out of the way at a crowed supermarket.

We have all heard some form of the following:
Your abilities to achieve goals is in direct proportion to the time you spend working on them.


So what’s your goal?  What do you want to achieve?  If it’s important to you, then how much time are you investing, really?

Our financial portfolios may really look lousy right now, but our Investing Future is something to be excited about—

Sabbatical anyone?

*Bleg is that not-so-attractive area I have from the bottom of the buttock to the top of the back of my leg. Ergo, my team did a story on leg fitness - [Link Removed] 

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Member Comments

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      Brimstone1968 wrote Aug 9, 2010
    • I started this journey and fell off the band wagon a few nights ago as my hubbie was listening to something on the news and I was not in the mood to get up to go to another tele.  Anyhow, for me I read the news online NEWS.  I am sick and tired of the nightime gossip shows that is no longer news.  I cannot waste my precious time anymore listening all the bashing from left, right, center, above and below.  I am in control of ME and I am not dead to this world nor what is going on in it but I have the power to choose what I want to read and how it is filtered to me.  We donot have to be dead to what is going on around us, we are well aware but the news media is insulting my intellegence with the rubbish that they determine is news worthy.  I control ME and that I will continue to do.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Mztracy wrote Aug 9, 2010
    • ditto ditto Brimstone!!!

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Brimstone1968 wrote Aug 10, 2010
    • Annie agreed, they are not all insulting but the few, far, and in between that are not is worth my time reading online.  Agreed BBC is worth the while.  I admire the reporting, just reporting not a running commentary on the reporting like most news stations.  Have a great balance of the week.  Love.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Dilara Sultan wrote Aug 10, 2010
    • Amen - you ladies are right!  tahnk you for reading and sharing.  Nice to know some are moved to write & find my words interesting.

      enjoy the week!

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